How do ugly guys get laid?

besides becoming a millionaire. life's not fair. Ugly women get laid all the time(or could if they weren't so uptight). I'm pretty sure violence is the only answer. you think it's easy for ugly guys to get laid? when was the last time you slept with an ugly guy? A C - wrong. that lady knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that dating that guy would attract alot of attention and get he rfamous. 1000,000 bucks says they're no longer togther

Answer by Miyako H. on Apr 1 2011

What a ridiculous question this is. Seriously. You sound awfully bitter, my friend. If all you're concerned about is "getting laid," then THAT is the reason girls aren't flocking to you..not because you're ugly. We can sense a dirt bag, dog humper from a mile away (not that you are per se). Besides, you ever think that you might be coming off as a little bit desperate? That's a sure way to make us turn tail and run.

Let me give you my perspective on the matter. Pay attention b/c it's going to be quite enlightening.

AGE determines a lot of it. If the girl is an attractive young girl and she KNOWS that she's attractive, then she'll not "settle" for a less than average looking guy because at this stage in her life, she thinks she's got time and numbers on her side. She has more selection. But, if she was older, if she finally grew up a bit and looked past looks, then she'll realize what the important qualities in a man are.

Here's my personal experience. I was a cheerleader in High school, always was considered pretty, never been told I was on. I dated great looking guys but I quickly learned that these men were more high maintenance than myself and MOST women for that matter..with their gelled hairdos and their man bags (get f'ing real, it's a purse for crying out loud), and their earrings, (gag).

I learned very quickly that men like THIS are conceited, egotistical, shrewd, selfish, pigs in wigs. They're materialistic, shallow, usually unintelligent, terrible in bed, and arrogant. And on top of that...they ALSO continue to look for other "options" even when they have a great looking girl on their arm because .. like young attractive women...they think they have time and numbers on their side.

So when I see attractive, baby-faced, "Brad Pitt" looking men..nope. I immediately stereotype them. Then I watch them for a whole of 2 minutes before confirming my suspicions by their telling body language or their barbaric grunts and mating calls. So, I date those considered "less attractive," because their personality is more humble, they are more likely to be faithful, they're everything a "hot" guy isn't. And other women have no IDEA what they're missing because they brush these guys off due to their initial impression. know what I say to that? Too bad for them and good for girls like me. We're getting the good guys..the "marriage material" guys..those who stimulate our brain cells AND our hormones. Besides, when you love someone...they will look better than any Brad Pitt around. Maybe I'm a bit sentimental but that's how it is. Guys might ask "what's a girl like her doing with a guy like him?" But I smirk at them because they're morons...they'll never get it.

P.S. "Ugly girls" can get laid over "ugly" men because men have "low" standards and will sleep with harsh and terrible as that sounds. Young guys are more forgiving of looks because they're too desperate for sex. Whereas women need to be physically attracted to the guy because it's more psychological for women (sex), than it is hormonal.

@ A C: I agree with you

What are some ways ugly guys can get laid?

no personality mumbo jumbo because most women think: "good personality" = egomaniac with a mercedes

Good question because I sure see a lot of ugly guys with pretty women. Ugly guys, you know who you are. Sometimes they try to look like a freak (piercings, shaved head or Mohawk) to draw attention or make the girl think they're a bad boy, or are kinky or interesting. Some ugly guys turn gay I suppose, they can probably get laid easier that way. How about this - find an ugly or fat girl!

how can ugly guys get laid?

besides getting $$ I know women claim they care about personality but so far as I can tell, a woman's definition of "personality" = egomanaical jerkoff. So do ugly guys just have to resort on hookers?

Dude I know what your saying, But really come on man. You want AIDS or Herpes that badly? Just wait for the right person is all I can say.

What do people consider ugly?

I was just wondering what both girls and guys would consider ugly. Is it more physical, or psychological? Is and ugly personality worse than an ugly face? I have been referred to as ugly before (not seeking attention) and I am unsure what classes as being 'ugly'. Just curious on your suggestions :)

"ugly" is a media word most of the time. What has been portrayed to us as "ugly" or not attractive is what we see almost everyday whether it be on the internet or on television. Ugly, true ugly, to me, is on the inside. If you have no acceptance of others, if you thrive off of pain of others, you could be stunning in looks, but in attitude you are ugly.

Don't let what people say get you down, you are beautiful/handsome as you are and let no one tell you different.

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Why do ugly guys always expect to have hot girlfriends?

How is that fair? I know a lot of ugly guys who for some reason think so highly of themselves that they would not even consider dating a girl who was unattractive, because they seem to think that they "deserve" a girl much hotter than themselves. And for some reason, hot girls (who could do better) always put up with these ugly guys' sense of self entitlement. sorry if i came across as shallow, but this is just what i've noticed.

I've noticed this, too! :O

These people may have nice personalities, which is why they get these dates, but from what I've seen, usually the "ugly" person doesn't do it because they really like the other person, it's because they are just really shallow, and just want someone who is really good-looking to date because they won't settle for anyone with looks less than above average.

I've had people say that I'm better looking than my boyfriend, but he is attractive to me, especially with his wonderful personality. So, it could be possible that these girls find these guys attractive, even if we don't. However, I've seen good-looking girls who date guys who are ugly on the outside, and the inside, and I can't figure out why, other than maybe the guys have a lot of money, or are popular... or, the girls have ugly personalities themselves, and are just desperate to find someone who will date them.

Also, some guys trick these good-looking girls into thinking that they really care about them, though they're only really interested in how they look. What annoys me more about this kind of thing is when an "ugly" guy has a good-looking girl, yet he still flirts, and the like, with other girls.

(I just want to be clear, since I know that I may sound shallow by saying these kinds of things, but it's not as if I would ever let someone's looks affect the way that I treat them--only their personality, or their actions. The fact that I may think that they're unattractive is just a coincidence. I know guys that are generally thought of as good-looking, and I do not like them because of the way that they act, or treat others.)

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