How Do I Cancel My Vudu Account?

using the Vudu on the Roku?

On the Ruko how to use Vudu on it and also what is it.

Vudu is a paid streaming movie service similar to Netflix or Amazon instant video; but also a premium price per movie...Vudu does seem to get more modern movies and sooner than Netflix, and also claims to have better quality; Vudu is owned by need to establish an account using a computer then follow direction to receive it through your Roku; if you are unable to get it to work contact Vudu technical support after you have established an account....

Where can I open a vudu account?

Where can I get a free vudu account?
the account is completely free. it only costs you to rent and buy movies. it's not subscription based like netflix.

Do I have to repay for vudu purchased movies?

I was going to start a vudu account and purchases movies, however I dont want to have to repay for movies I bought on one device again on another. Especially if I am under the same account

Vudu or Hulu Plus for PS3 ?

I have a PS3 and netflix, but since netflix is raising their prices to keep both streaming and dvds, my mom said we're going to cancel our subscription. Yesterday, I did a system update, and vudu and hulu plus popped up as choices to download. Both seem to be a lot cheaper then what netflix will be, so i proposed this idea to my parents. HD is important to my dad, but he likes watching Top Gear *UK*. While browsing through vudu we only found Top Gear US, and he got disappointed. So which is better: vudu or hulu plus ?

This is a no brain answer..choose VUDU, great service..!!..Hulu plus has a lot of problems in the PS3..take a look to this forum

Does anyone know if Vudu will work on a Kindle Fire HD?

I am getting a Kindle Fire HD soon and I have a Vudu account (which I personally love). I was just wondering if the Vudu app is available on the Kindle Fire HD or if there anyway to get it on there? Just want to know because it will make it so much more worth it to me.

As far as I can tell, no. There is no Vudu App for Android devices like the Kindle.

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