How Do I Cancel My United Healthcare Insurance?

Is it possible to cancel progressive insurance?

I got insurance from progressive six days ago and now i found another insurance for less, so now i am trying to cancel progressive but don't know if it is possible since its an one year contract? So even if its possible to cancel, will they they give 30 percent of the money i gave to them? Please respond this Thanks a lot. The best teacher will get points as a reward.

Yes, it is possible to cancel. When you cancel they will refund your money. However, it will be on a "short rate" basis, meaning they'll only refund a portion. What the percentage is will depend upon how much you paid, the length of time you've had coverage, and their procedures.

Canceling health insurance with the company your work for?

A gal at work is having some problems canceling her health insurance with the company we work for. Our company is saying she CAN NOT cancel her health insurance policy with BCBS since its not open enrollment. The reason she wants to cancel is because she got coverage with a different company. Is it legal for our company to say she CAN NOT cancel her policy??? How could she afford to pay for both!

It is not the company that says this, it's the insurance company. The insurance company only allows for changes during open enrollment or if there is a significant life event, such as marriage, birth of a child, death of an immediate family member, etc. This is the only time changes can be made.

Why does the insurance company do this? It prevents people from getting insurance only when they need it and not being insured when they don't need insurance. For example, most people only visit the dentist once every 6 months. If an insurance company allowed participants to sign up and cancel their insurance at any time, then you could sign up for dental insurance the month that you are going to the dentist (so that the insurance company will pay) and then the next month cancel the policy because after all you won't be going to the dentist for another 5 months. Then you could sign up for dental insurance the month you go to the dentist, then immediately cancel. While less common, the same thing can be true for health insurance. A person could decide to get health insurance one month, when they know they have to go to the doctor (i.e. they just came down with the flu and need to go to the doctor) and then once they are well again cancel their coverage.

I completely empathize with your co-worker. If a person doesn't understand insurance very well, then it would make sense that the company should allow her to cancel her health insurance. Whoever helped her get health insurance through a different company should have reviewed this with her so she wouldn't have to pay premiums for two health insurance policies.

Is it possible to cancel car insurance mid policy?

In the UK. I am about to buy a new car and want to cancel insurance on my old car and get insurance from a different (cheaper) company for my new car. Is this possible? I am paying in monthly instalments, can I just cancel the direct debit?

Yes, you can cancel, however you dont always get any money back! So buyer beware, they may only give a proportion of what you think you should get back, that is if you have paid for the whole year up front. If you pay by direct debit, always cancel the DD with the bank, dont just rely on cancelling the policy with the insurance company as they will continue to try to take funds

How do you cancel insurance when you pay monthly?

I need to cancel my insurance after I sell my vehicle. I will not own another vehicle so I will not need auto insurance anymore. Will I have to pay a penalty or will I be out with maybe a cancellation fee? I pay by the month so I'm not sure how this works. Pretty sure I don't get a refund when I pay this way.

Call your insurance agent. If you are with a decent insurance company they will cancel your policy effective immediately (or whatever date you give them) and issue you a refund for any remaining days left on the policy that are already paid in advance.

If you have a lousy insurance company they will just let the policy expire at the end of the month when you don't pay the bill regardless of when you cancel the policy and offer no refunds to you.

How will Obamacare affect alternative healthcare practitioners?

Those in acupuncture clinics, TCM physicians, and basically anyone involved in CAM. How will Obamacare affect them? Good or bad. What types of affect, if any, will we see over the next few years? Thanks.

It would depend on the coverage provided by the insurance policy that the person purchased.

Obamacare is not an insurance policy, it is a set of regulations for insurance companies.

Note that it specifically mentions complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and integrative healthcare in seven different sections throughout the law.

Among those are a "non-discrimination in healthcare" section prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against healthcare providers.

A second notable part discusses establishing community health teams to support patient-centered medical homes. Included within those teams are doctors of chiropractic, licensed complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

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