How Do I Cancel My Time Warner Cable?

How do I cancel Time Warner Cable internet service?

Do I just drop off the modem? Will i need to pay any difference in the current bill or can I continue paying by bank withdrawl? Thanks. Funny that I will probably get a better answer HERE than on the confusing, ad strewn TWC website. For shame Time Warner Cable, for shaaame.

Here is Time Warner Cable cancellation info:

"CANCELLATIONS. You may cancel or downgrade any or all of the services at any time. To cancel services, call 1-800-TW CABLE (1-800892-2253)."

They have some small print conditions, look at the link above.

Do I cancel my internet service with Time Warner Cable since I have Linksys Wireless?

I connected a Linksys wireless router to my Time Warner Cable modem, now I have a wireless connection, can I cancel my Time Warner Cable internet service now, but still user there modem?

Haha no.

You're still using the Time Warner internet, but now you're using a router to make the internet wireless.

The router doesn't provide a connection to the internet, it just converts wired internet to wireless.

Why is the Oxygen Channel (64) no longer showing on Warner Basic Cable in San Antonio?

It was on the Warner Basic Cable for a long time and all of a sudden channel 64 was getting no signal. To my knowledge, Warner Cable did not notify customers that this would happen or why it happened. I really miss that Oxygen Network.

TWC probably didn't want to pay Oxygen's price, so now there's no more Oxygen. It's been happening quite a bit lately. Usually there will be a banner on the bottom of the screen saying something along the lines of "such and such channel will no longer be offered by Time Warner Cable, call Time Warner and tell them you can to keep such and such channel". My guess is you probably just missed the banner and didn't realize this was happening. Email Time Warner and tell them you want Oxygen. Otherwise if you miss it that much, and TWC won't bring it back, switch providers.

Can I cancel Time Warner Cable service and resubscribe to them on a better deal?

I like Time Warner Cable's Road Runner's Cable internet service but pay $60.99 a month. I believe its $29.99 for the first year. Or is there another ISP as fast as TWC?

First, see if you can get either AT&T U-Verse or Verizon FIOS in your area, and check out their new subscriber offerings. U-Verse is advertising 18 mb/s downloads and 24 mb/s in some areas, and FIOS has to be at least that fast, probably faster. See the link for a U-Verse promotion.

Then call TW and tell them you'd like the 29.99 deal, or you're going to switch to U-Verse (or FIOS), and cite the promotional offer you found. If they balk, tell them to cancel your service. It's almost certain that they will suddenly start to bargain and offer you pretty much what you want. That was exactly my experience with Comcast cable--I was paying $143/month for TV + Internet. I told them I was dropping them in favor of U-Verse, and suddenly they wanted to reduce my rate to $19.95 for 6 months for the same service! (I went with U-Verse.)

Does anyone have the Time Warner cable, internet and phone?

I signed up for it but, I have time to cancel. It would save me money. Just looking for some opinions on this. Thanks!

OK so I got in on the same deal with time warner and received the special price for a year and paid about $110 to $120 for all the services plus HBO. After the year was up my bills went up to $200 a month. So it was a great deal for the year but once the year was up I had to cancel the phone service to get my bills down to $120 again.

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