How Do I Cancel My Pof Account?

How do I cancel my Plenty of Fish aka POF profile?

Their website is not clear at all. Even the help section of their site shows you need to delete it by clicking Resign on the Menu bar. This simply does not exist. "Sign into your POF account, click on 'Resign' under the menu bar, fill out your username, password, and reason for leaving. " So after some digging through the site I found that if you go to you can then delete your profile. Talk about making it difficult!


yes they made it very difficult because they do not want people to delete their account so they lied about having a resign button! ASSHOLES! makes me soooooooo mad!

thanks for the link.


a remote firewall is blocking connection to

No. POF is down today.
As of 10pm tonight, it was still down. And I was just about to hook up with someone!
Here's to a quick recovery!

How do I cancel my tagged account?

I really want to cancel it but when i try 2 log in 2 cancel it it says that i dont have an account but it keeps sending me emails i'm desperate how do i stop it?

I was able to cancel successfully. Went to the account tab; went to the bottom of the page and it let me do it. I was curious whether it really was cancelled after reading your entry. When I tried to access it, it said account was cancelled.

If that doesn't work contact Tagged support:

I want to cancel my jillian michaels account?

I want to cancel my jillian michaels account? I made an account and I regret doing so. I will just go to a local gym so I was wondering how to get rid of the account. I dont see anything that says cancel account or cancel membership. Can someone help me. I dont want to be charged for something I wont use.

Hey I'm in the same boat.....what a rip.

How easy is it to cancel an etrade account?

I want to get an online brokerage account and etrade is the most appealing to me because of the iPhone app. However I have heard that they have terrible customer service, does anyone know from personal experience how difficult it is to cancel an etrade account? Thanks

You don't "cancel" account with any B/D, you just stop using them.
B/D are required to keep inactive accounts on the books for at least 18 months, and the account documentation for 6 years after the account has been closed.

You can just not use the account, after 12-18 months the account will be moved to an inactive status, then eventually purged from the syste,

You could send a written notice to e-trade telling them that you will not be using the account and they will "close" the account by coding it NMB (no more business)

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