How Do I Cancel My Kohls Credit Card?

how can i cancel an order at

there was a malfunction at and it ordered like, 6 or 7 of the some order and it costs like 700$ how can i cancel the order? PLEASE HELP!!!!

CALL the hotline however do it in the next couple of days before the charge goes to your credit card

Should I close my Mervyns Credit Card?

I work in real estate and recently we had a credit specialist come and talk at a seminar we were having. He was telling us how if you close a credit card, it will ding your credit. And at the same time, having a credit card open for 6 months without ANY activity, will also ding your credit. So, if I close the account because Mervyns closed, it would ding my credit. With that same logic, Mervyns is closed, so I wont be purchasing anything.. that hurts my credit too. Any suggestions? I really doubt a "CREDIT SPECIALIST" would lie when he said that if you don't use a card for 6 months, it will lower your score.

From what I understand, no matter what you do, it'll ding your credit. However, it won't ding your credit as badly as other things can - such as missing payments.

If the card company closes the card, that hurts your credit more than if you closed the account (supposedly)

If you have "too many" accounts open, that will hurt your credit a bit, but no one knows how many is "too many".

Having too much available credit will hurt your credit, just as having too little credit available will hurt your credit. No one seems to know what the magic formula is, and the credit score providers aren't talking.

Personally, I'd just close the account. It's probably doesn't have that big of a limit, and Mervyns is dead, so why have credit at a store that doesn't exist?

Although I heard Kohls is going to acquire them, so your Mervyns card would eventually become a Kohls card I guess? But if you shop at Kohls a lot, you probably already have a Kohls card.

Can you look up your kohls cash number if you lose the coupon?

Kohls customer service isn't answering their phones right now, but if anyone has lost kohls cash before, do you know if you can look up the number to use it? I bought my stuff with a kohls credit card, so I would assume that they have the kohls cash linked to the the card/purchase history.

if you purchased it in-store, you can find the number on the bottom of your receipt. however, you need the PIN to use it. some stores may re-issue your KC or just give you the discount.

if it was from just find the email and reprint it.

How will my credit be affected if I cancel a credit card?

So I want to cancel my Macy's Credit Card, CitiBank card and a tiffany's card. They all have a balance of 0.00. Will my credit be affected in a negative way if I close down these credit cards?

Why are you getting answers from so many people that don't know ANYTHING about credit?


If you cancel them that will negatively effect your credit score. It will shorten your credit history and lessen your available credit to debt ratio.Why would you want to cancel them? Only cancel them if they are charging you annual fees..If they aren't just keep them they help you establish stronger credit. Nothing good will come out of cancelling them.

If I close my 1 year-old credit card, how will it affect my score?

Used this card to buy (then return) an item from Kay Jewelers (store credit card). After that, I have never used it. I have 3 other cards that are the same age (3 years), but have high balances that I am going to pay off within the next 3 months or so.

Before you decide to cancel your credit card, you need to first determine that it’s a good idea to do so. Even after you pay off your credit card debt, it is important to think twice before canceling credit cards. This is because whenever you cancel a credit card, it affects your credit score in a negative way.

Your credit score is based, in part, on how much credit you have available. When you cancel a credit card, you are reducing your available credit.

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