How Do I Cancel My Justfab Account?

Are you still able to log into JustFab account after it is cancelled?

I recently made a purchase on without knowing terms and conditions. I called to cancel my account and had to be VERY persistent to do so. The woman I was speaking to told me that my account has been cancelled, however, I will still be able to log into my JustFab account. Said said I just won't be able to make any purchases. Have any of you had this happen? All of my credit card information is linked to my account, and it won't let me erase it. I never got in email or anything saying it was canceled. I'm worried they will still charge me monthly.

Yeah, you can login it, but you can't do anything in JustFab.

How do I stop the memebership on!?

I just had my dad order two things from the site after I signed up. I had no idea until after I purchased the items that you have to pay about $40 a month for the membership! I'm really nervous now because I know my dad will freak out if he finds this out. I tried to cancel my account but they said I need to call. I was planning on asking my mom tomorrow to call and cancel because I know if I tell my dad he will be furious with me. I even checked their homepage on justfab and saw nothing that said you need to pay, and this seriously pisses me off! Will calling have them cancel my account and have them not charge us $40 a month. I would really appreciate your help!

Yes, just call their 800 number and they will cancel your account immediately. You won't have issues.

If I sign up to the VIP Membership on Justfab and make a purchase, Can I cancel my account after?

Will I still get the shoes for a discount price?

DON'T SIGN UP! They will charge you 39.95 a month without you knowing it! It's in the terms and conditions but it is not clearly presented that they charge you monthly when you first sign up. After your first purchase, you're automatically signed up for the VIP membership.

Customer service is terrible. I had to wait 40+ minutes and to cancel my membership was an act of Congress! The person who I spoke to just kept calling me Ms. (last name) as if I were some child and he refused to refund me. Each time I said I wanted to cancel my membership, he gave another excuse as to why I should stay. After at least 3 times I clearly said I wanted to cancel, he finally said that he would cancel my membership (with no email confirmation!). Afterward, he had the nerve to tell me to like JustFab on Facebook! The nerve! They're frauds! Go look them up on scambook!

Are Shoedazzle and JustFab both owned by Kim Kardashian?

I know ShoeDazzle is owned by Kim K, but JustFab also?

Nope. JustFab is run by Kimora Lee Simmons.

How do I cancel my tagged account?

I really want to cancel it but when i try 2 log in 2 cancel it it says that i dont have an account but it keeps sending me emails i'm desperate how do i stop it?

I was able to cancel successfully. Went to the account tab; went to the bottom of the page and it let me do it. I was curious whether it really was cancelled after reading your entry. When I tried to access it, it said account was cancelled.

If that doesn't work contact Tagged support:

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