How Do I Cancel My Humana Insurance?

How can i cancel humana one dental insurance?

I signed up for humana one dental 4 months ago due to being laid off my previous employer. I am now employed through another company that offers free dental insurance. I want to cancel my plan with humana one dental. They said they can't because apparently when i signed up the first time around "I signed a contract" with them. a contract that lasts a whole year. i do not need humana one, im just shelling out money for nothing. i dont even need dental now or before. it was just a just incase option if something happens. i just goggled humana one dental and i found some sites that stated they are a scam company that doesnt cover anything. what if i dont pay for it? i heard they can send it to collections and i have to deal with them. anyone came accross this situation wanting to cancel and supposedly cant due to contract reasons. I dont rememeber signging up or getting paperwork stating its a year contract.

READ the contract. It tells you.

Which health insurance do you think would be better: Humana One, or through my university?

I'm currently enrolled with HumanaOne, but I'm going back to school and am offered their insurance at a similar cost. Does anyone have experience with either of these, or have an idea which coverage would be better? I'm going to do a close comparison, but I also though it would help to get any other opinions out there. Thanks.

Humana, because you will own the policy, not the university. As long as you continue to pay the premiums you cannot be canceled, or singled out for a rate increase. Besides, most college plans are "limited benefit" policies.

What are the Customer Service #'s for these Health Insurance Companies?

I'm looking for the Support #'s for the following: Humana Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Aetna United Healthcare and Coventry 1 Please don't send links to the websites unless the phone number is on THAT page. Whoever comes up with this is AWESOME in my book and is saving a tired busy girl lots of hunting time. Thanks so much...

Anthem: (866) 666-0501
Aetna: 1-888 MD Aetna (632-3862).
UH: (800) 625-6656 (one of the many. depends on which state you're in)
C1: 1-800-831-3270

How often do insurance companies check full-time student status?

Right now, I'm a full-time student, but I'm thinking of dropping a course because it will lower my overall GPA. By dropping this course, I will become a part-time student. I will return to full-time status in the fall, but will my parents' insurance company (Humana) know about this and cancel my coverage? Thanks so much!

It is called insurance fraud. I understand it's short term, so if you are healthy, just drop the insurance for that semester and pick it up again when you are full time. If you do get sick and they find out you are not full time they can term you as you misrepresented yourself. Your parents might get into trouble for insurance fraud too.

Is it possible to cancel progressive insurance?

I got insurance from progressive six days ago and now i found another insurance for less, so now i am trying to cancel progressive but don't know if it is possible since its an one year contract? So even if its possible to cancel, will they they give 30 percent of the money i gave to them? Please respond this Thanks a lot. The best teacher will get points as a reward.

Yes, it is possible to cancel. When you cancel they will refund your money. However, it will be on a "short rate" basis, meaning they'll only refund a portion. What the percentage is will depend upon how much you paid, the length of time you've had coverage, and their procedures.

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