How Do I Cancel My Graze Account?

Can anyone tell me how to cancel my graze box?

I ordered a graze box and now want to cancel, I can't find the button to cancel my order can anyone tell me exactly where I can find it. Thanks very much.

see How do I cancel my deliveries?

Just go to your deliveries page. On the right, select 'box options' then 'make a change' and choose 'cancel weekly box' for each of your weekly deliveries.
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im having a panic attack, so i just ordered my very first graze box for free (i got a code off a youtube video) and it says 'your weekly boxes' and 'tuesday- next box due etc' then 'thursday-next box due' but how can that be so when my free one is coming tuesday not thursday!! If i get the free one do they keep sending me the boxes automatically every week? because i dont want that!! I don't want to keep paying for them when i dont want them!! I only want the free one!! help!!! I just cancelled the weekly thursday one, so i'm hoping they will stop sending them on thursdays and just tuesdays! also, have i paid for them in advance?! when i get the free one and if i dont like it and i cancel the paid one coming along - will i have already paid for it? Have i already paid for all the weekly boxes? I'm 17 and i dont want my money to be spent only on graze boxes! im really confused! HELP!!!!!!!!

Hey this is Clare from the customer service team here at graze :)

Don't worry, we can get this sorted. The best thing to do would be to drop me a line directly on with your account details (the name and postcode on your graze account) and I'll be able to look into this for you.
If you're worried about that you can go to and email from there to us.

We take payment per box, so don't worry you will not have prepaid for boxes at all.

I hope that reassures you, hope to hear from you soon :)


Questions about graze boxes? Can you cancel after free box?

So I've seen that you can order a free graze box, and get a second one for half price.. But can you just cancel after you've got your free box delivered? Because I've read that some people went on to the website to cancel and there was maintenance and wouldn't let them. Why do they need my bank details for the free box? Do you have to keep cancelling every week or can you just cancel once and that's it? Thanks

I've had them before so yea I got 3 half price ones then cancelled my orders and it was fine now I just get the occasional email

i have this code that can get you a free box (uk only)?

there is this web site called Graze , i have a code people can use so they can get one box free , you get 4 different types of food ... i love the site so i thought other people will to here is the code 9X3WPVX you will have to register with you bank card but no money at all will be taken out of your account and asoon as you get your free box you can cancel and never go back to the site , thats what i was going to at first but i love the site now so i buy a new box every few weeks

Also if you go to cancel your weekly boxes they will give you half price boxes for a weeks too. But they will only do this once. Love Graze - yummy!!

How do I cancel my tagged account?

I really want to cancel it but when i try 2 log in 2 cancel it it says that i dont have an account but it keeps sending me emails i'm desperate how do i stop it?

I was able to cancel successfully. Went to the account tab; went to the bottom of the page and it let me do it. I was curious whether it really was cancelled after reading your entry. When I tried to access it, it said account was cancelled.

If that doesn't work contact Tagged support:

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