How Do I Cancel My Food Stamps?

How do I cancel food stamps?

I think I technically be committing food stamp frauds. Do I need to give reasons to cancel food stamps?

Tell them you no longer qualify.

What do I do about canceling food stamps?

A few months ago I was unemployed and my family qualified for food stamps. I recently got a job and know that I make too much to continue to be qualified. I have sent them emails and tried calling to cancel the benefits. They have since kept putting monies on the EBT card and it says it is still "active" on the website. What measures should I take to get this resolved? Also, I live in Utah if that matters to anyone.

They can not lower your food stamps until you are REQUIRED to report new income. So if you are quarterly reporting they will not stop your food stamps until your quarter ends. This gives you a couple of months to get back on your feet.

Can i put in for food stamps in one state when i'm receiving them in another state?

I'm moving in a few days to Indiana, but I'm receiving food stamps in Texas right now. Can I put in for food stamps in Indiana before I move and cancel my food stamps here in Texas? Also, how would I go about the whole changing? Do i call and tell the texas office that i went through that i've moved so to cancel it? or how does this all work? @BB, please be serious. cause this was a serious question. Thanks!

From the TX website:

Call your local office before you leave Texas. Take your Lone Star card with you.

If you receive food stamp benefits, use your Lone Star card at stores that accept food stamps in other states. If it does not work, call the Lone Star Help Desk at 1-800-777-7EBT (1-800-777-7328).*

How can you get food stamps in California?

Where would you go to get food stamps? Or who could you ask? My friend is trying to get food stamps but we don't know who or where to ask. Thanks!

Here is the online website to see if you qualify. The program is now called SNAP everywhere and they no longer have paper food stamps. It is electronic using an EBT card you swipe at the checkstand.

What are food stamps?

I've heard references to food stamps but we don't have anything of that nature here in Canada. Can anyone explain what they are? Who uses them and why? Thanks.

Food Stamps are government issued funds that are used for the purpose of buying food. They are given to low-income families through the state's Department of Social Services (welfare). The amount issued is determined by the number of people in the household and their income. At one time they were in paper form, but now they are deposited onto a benefit card, similar to a credit card, along with any cash assistance the family may be receiving. Recipients are not supposed to use Food Stamps to buy anything other than food, but a lot of non-department stores not only allow this, they also allow people to cash in their stamps; giving them less money than the amount of Stamps that were taken.

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