How do gypsies make money?

Ive been reading a newspaper article about gypsies: I don't know much about British gypsies or any kind of gypsies. There are not any that live anywhere near me to my knowledge. But you obviously need money in order to travel around the place. In fact i imagine it would cost more money to purchase horses and travel around in waggons than it would to buy and run a second hand vehicle. Not that ive ever seen any gypsies or anybody travelling around this country in horse drawn waggons. Its probably just a handful of people in the country that do this. But anyway you need money to live even if you live frugally its gotta come from somewhere, so what do these guys do for money?

Answer by Delfina T. on May 30 2011

We used to live in the northeastern part of the USA in the 1950's and there were gypsies that lived in a few places in our community that kept getting run out of town and they'd keep coming back over and over again. They'd lie, cheat, and steal, that's how they lived, how they existed, they didn't work a job. ALnd in the 1960's they were in another state I lived in. Foolish people use their services, pay them good money for stuff that makes no sense, it's fraud.

Prostitutes today make money too by lieing, cheating and stealing and they go to jail and their pimps get them out and they start doing it all over again. The problem is that both fortune tellers aka gypsies and prostitutes bring down the morals of a community.

So it's not a way to live just frugally it's lieing, cheating, fraud and stealing.

Answer by Luella M. on May 30 2011

I have worked/taught people from the Traveller community for a long time.Transactions are normally in cash,banks are not used.Council-tax etc., is paid if living in a house or on a site.The girls aim for their wedding-day when toddlers,so "looking good" in the Traveller culture is important.
Now,it is a myth that Romani Travellers and Irish Gypsies travel a lot.Although living in a house or on a semi-permanent/permanent site,they may "travel" from there and return.Funerals/visits could take weeks ! Often a touring-trailer is used to visit.

What happens to gypsies when they immigrate to the U.S.A?

do they continue being gypsies or do they blend in with everybody else? how come i never see any gypsies except a couple of fortune teller parlors in manhattan?

They steal from old people.They go around and accept money for roof repairs and putting in new driveways and then disappear with the money.
I doubt that this is true--- and surely isn't true for all gypsies--- but I've heard of this.

Question about Gypsies?

what ethnicity are gypsies? or can gypsies be any ethnicity? in the hunchback of Notre dame they made the gypsies look Latin/Latina are they considered outlaws? or just people living a nomadic life? im Puerto Rican and i remember when i was younger my dad got hot headed with my mother one night and in a fit called her and my grandmother gypsies. and my mother got absolutely upset. why do you think she took such offense to it? i don't want to bring that up to her and ask her its just one of those things you don't do :) no he isnt lmao

Gypsies may have originally come from Egypt. Gypsies were a nomadic people came from Northern India around the 14th century and roamed Europe in bands or tribes. They have traditional cultures that is a compilation of Indian and European cultures, and the Romany language only spoken by Gypsies.

Gypsies now live in the Europe North America and Australia.

Gypsies lived by their wits and off the land and ofter were the victims of prejudice. Hitler rounded up Gypsies During WWI and executed them along with the Jews, homosexuals and anybody else he didn't like.

So, some people think Gypsies are not to be trusted and that they are bad people. Maybe that's why your family reacted they way they did, because they still hold that prejudice.

See what you can learn if you use Google instead of YA!

How do UK travellers/gypsies earn money?

I remember a few gypsies that used to go to my school a few years back now,.. and I remember they were always so loaded with money! They wernt really the flashy types, and at first glance you would never think they had that much money,.. but they only went to top hotels/ restaurants,.. only shopped in designer stores like Harrods.. huge houses. I know most of the women seem to rely on the men or their husbands to pay for things. I find their culture really interesting and I feel as though they are very misunderstood by us 'country folk'. I've always been a bit hesitant to ask how the men make their money. I would love to hear from maybe a traveller that could fill me in a bit. Does anyone know?

Of course you've got the usual replies about crime, rubbish etc but that was not your question and Gypsies as as law abiding or breaking a community as any other. The problem of rubbish etc is caused by the lack of official sites where rent is paid for services etc. Also there are anti social Gypsies like anywhere else.
Firstly Gypsies are as different from travellers as me, a Londoner, from a Welsh or Scottish person although we may live very similar lifestyles.
Gypsy jobs are as varied as they are for the rest of us. Those that still travel obviously are limited in what they can do. Car dealing, roofing, tarmacing, gardening, selling door to door, horse trading, buying and selling generally. For settled Gypsies the jobs are more varied and extend to generally the same as the rest of us except through lack of formal education more manual than clerical although through more schooling that will change.
More important is the attitude toward money. Gypsies I know do flash their money around and rarely save. They look good with a wad of notes on a Friday but after that is gone they have no cash savings. They always brag about the good shops they go to although I meet them at markets buying 'Versace' etc at knock down prices. The children do expect a lot of spending money and at school always have money. What you dont know is that at about 12 years old they are expected to work for that money, buy their own clothes and generally support themselves. Pocket money comes when times are good and dries up when bad. A lot of it is more image that reality. You can give the impression of having lots of cash without really having that much and that is what a lot of Gypsies, and the rest of us, do very well.

does anyone know about what happened to the gypsies in the holocaust?

see i have to do a report of what happened to the gypsies (or what they call romas and sintis) i have to explain what happened before, during, and after the holocaust. so any ideas.....plz help me!!!!!

They were persecuted and hunted, tortured and killed just like the Jews.

follow this link, and read it. It is from a paper done for a university. Then google or put "gypsies" into your yahoo search engine bar. You will find more info than you will know what to do with. Try doing this research, you may find it fun. That is why you are in school, and this is an interesting, though sad (tragic) topic.

What is the difference between Gypsies and travelers who live in caravans and move around?

What is the difference between Gypsies and travelers who live in caravans and move around from place to place?

The gypsies usually do stuff while they travel, like entertainment shows, sell stuff...etc., they travel to collect money. Other wanderers and nomads just move around because they don't have a home.

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