How Do Bones Grow In Width?

How to make our bones grow?


make bones grow by growing mucles, as muscle get heavier bones grow to hold the muscle to them, as bones grew more the marrow in the bones produce more blood. so weight lifting and excercise makes bones grow

If you have surgery on facial bones, will they grow back?

This is a serious question. If you have some type of facial surgery that involves cutting of the facial bones or filing down, making the bones smaller, will these bones grow back after the surgery and reverse the surgery?

depends on the bones and what was done...if you don't have a gene problem where the bones grow due to disease, then NO the bones probably won't grow back.
But if you have surgery and the bones need to knit to keep the 'join' stable, then yes they will.

It's like when you break a bone (arm, leg, etc) it will grow back to knit the bone together, and sometimes it will over grow a bit, if that happens they take a bit off.

Usually bones don't over grow..

How do you grow taller naturally?

Im not short but, I want to grow taller. My doctor says when Im in full adulthood I'll be 5 foot 9 but, I still want to grow taller because I drink a lot of coffee and Im afraid it might harm my growth :| help?

Go to serious get more sleep...people grow in there height and width
and drink milk..why protein...eats lots of stuff with calcium and protein in it...good for your bones

how do bones develop & change as people grow?

in my science textbook it says that at birth every one has 350 bones, but adults have 206.So my questions is how do the number of bones decrease & yet we are still big????& how do bones develop & change as people grow????

Well, while your in the womb you body form cartilage. After exiting the womb this cartilage begins to form bones through a process known as ossification. It starts off forming many small bones and, with time, those smaller bones join together in some places resulting in a fewer number of bones but a greater strength in each bone.
I hope that was helpful.

What are the names of the 94 bones that we lose as we age?

I know that as infants we have 300 bones, and as we age the bones fuse together, leaving us with 206. I need to know the names of the 94 that were fused, or at least where i can find out.

You don't lose any of them. The reason we have 300 bones when we are infants is because all of our bones are in different pieces in order for them to grow as we age. As we grow, the bones begins to fuse together, leaving us with 206 complete bones. As for which of them fuse, it's every single one. The bones of the skull, the vertebrae, the long bones, etc.

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