How Did Vriska Blind Terezi?

when do Karkat and Terezi die in Homestuck?

I keep seeing pictures of Karkat and Terezi laying next to each other, dead (such as this one but I seem to have missed it in the comic.

They die after Terezi and Vriska confront each other. Terezi flips her coin and loses, so Vriska flies off to confront Jack. Like Terezi said he would, Jack sniffs out the meteor from Vriska's trail and kills all of the trolls before returning and fighting Vriska, bringing back the bodies of Terezi and Karkat as trophies to taunt her with. Then Vriska and Jack fight.

Of course, this all happens in a doomed timeline Terezi is able to prevent by killing Vriska. That's why Terezi killed Vriska after all - to save everyone else, not purely out of revenge.

What flash does Vriska die in?

Im making a video and I need to know? I've checked most of the flashes that i could maybe i missed one?

Hello there. Vriska's out of dream self is originally severely injured by Aradia, later killed by Tavros in her quest cocoon (At request). In [S] Flip, Vriska's fate is left unclear because during a final Terezi vs Vriska faceoff, Terezi decides her fate by flipping a coin, which the flashes glitches completely around that time. In the unmarked green pages with Doc Scratch however, it is revealed that Vriska is killed by Terezi in order to alter the timeline that ultimately ended in Terezi and Karkat getting killed by Bec Noir. It was unclear if Vriska would return later on, but she confirmed to be dead for good. Hope this helped! :)

homestuck readers! help me understand what is happening in this flash!?

1) During a live-action roleplay, Vriska pushes Tavros off a cliff, paralyzing his legs.

2) Aradia, a friend of Tavros, summons the undead to haunt Vriska in revenge.

3) Vriska manipulates Sollux, making him eat the mind honey. He goes bezerk and kills Aradia.

4) Terezi, a friend of Aradia and Tavros, goes to Doc Scratch, and tells him how Vriska has the magic cue ball. He blows his top. and

5) He explodes the magic cue ball in her face, making Vriska lose her magic eye and her right arm

6) Vriska, furious, possesses Tavros. Tavros, able to commune with animals, takes over Terezi's lusus, a blind dragon in an egg. The dragon is able to control Terezi.

7) He moves Terezi, who is sleeping, outside during the day. She awakens and is met with Alternia's blistering, powerful sun, and is forced to stare at it until her retinas burn out.

8) Aradia, now a bot thanks to Equius, is super pissed at Vriska. She uses her 'turntables', actually the cylinders of music boxes, to warp through time to meet Vriska. Aradia fights Vriska and beats her within an inch of her life.

9) Vriska passes out, awakening in Prospit. She is bitchslapped by Terezi.

When did Vriska lose her arm, and when did she die?

It was never clear to me....Someone (Aradia?) did mention that she regretted that Vriska had to die, and that in one timeline Vriska went off to fight Jack. Could you just like, give me any details you happen to know about Vriska in the alpha-timeline?

Alpha timeline Vriska was killed by Terezi (in "[s] Flip") before she could go off to kill Bec Noir. When Terezi flipped her coin, it created two universes and the heads down coin took place in a universe where Vriska went off to fight him on her own.

What else would you like to know about Vriska? The wiki might be helpful if you need any general information, but remember some info can be wrong since it can be edited by anyone.

Who found and helped Terezi Pyrope after she was blinded by the Alternian sun? (Homestuck)?

I'm only in Act Five, but has Hussie ever said who found Terezi lying unconscious after being blinded by the sun on Alternia? Also, it is stated that her Lusus helped her to learn to 'see' by smelling colors and tasting things in her sleep. When did (s)he start to do this? Was it while she was unconscious right after? Thanks!

No one found her. Terezi lives in the woods in isolation, similar to how Nepeta lives in her cave, so there would be no one around to find her. Presumably she just woke up and returned to her hive as best as she could. Her lusus probably helped her for a while after, bit by bit over time. Terezi was already use to communicating with her lusus telepathically which is how Vriska manipulated her and made her blind to begin with, and since Terezi's lusus was blind they helped one another out.

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