How Did Vasco Da Gama Die?

what expeditions did vasco da gama lead?

Vasco da Gama ( AKA Vasco de Gama)

1492 King John II of Portugal sent Vasco da Gama to Setubal, on the Lisbon coast, to seize French ships in retaliation for French raids against Portuguese ships

1497 January the command of an expedition to find a sea route to the East Indies was given to Vasco da Gama

1497 July 8 Vasco da Gama sailed from Lisbon under the leadership of the three da Gama bothers: Vasco, Paulo, and Nicolao Coelho accompanied by crews of about one hundred and fifty men

Four ships were in the fleet led by Vasco de Gama

The Sao Gabriel which da Gama commanded

The Sao Rafael

The Berrio

A storeship

1497 November 22 Vasco da Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa

1497 December 25 da Gama reached the coast of Natal

1498 January Da Gama reached the mouth of the Zambezi

There journey was dangerous and they were attacked by Arabs

1498 May 20 The voyage of discovery reached its destination - the Indies and Calcutta, India

1498 October 5 Vasco da Gama sets sail for home and Portugal

1499 September: Vasco da Gama returns to Portugal to great acclaim. He is created Admiral of the Indian Ocean

1502 King Manuel I of Portugal sent da Gama on another expedition to India and da Gama returned in 1503

1519 the title of Count is bestowed on Vasco da Gama

1524 King John III sends Vasco da Gama to India as the Portuguese viceroy

1524 Vasco Da Gama dies in Cochin on the Malabar coast, India on 24 December, 1524

1539 The remains of Vasco da Gama are returned to Portugal and his body is lain to rest at Vidigueira

Three reasons why vasco da gama went exploring?

Three reasons why Vasco Da Gama went on his voyage?

He was looking for different materials and ingredents.

Also he had an intrest to find a way around the Ottoman Empire

The achievements of Vasco da Gama exploration?

I want at least 5 achievements. Please help guys cause this is my homework

1.)Vasco Da Gama Found a route from Portugal east to India by going around the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa.
2.)he sailed 4 ships to India
3.)During his visit to Calicut he demanded that the King expel every Muslim from India. The King would refuse. In retaliation Vasco da Gama would bombard the city, destroying many houses and would also seize a rice vessel, capture the crew and cut off their hands, nose and ears. The King sent a priest to speak to Vasco da Gama. Da Gama would call him a spy and cut off his lips and ears and then proceed to sew a pair of dog ears onto his head.

4.)After his privateer actions he would return to Portugal with numerous riches.
5.)In 1519 da Gama would become the first Portuguese Count that was not born of royal blood.

6.)In 1524 he embarked on his final journey. He was asked to replace the Viceroy Eduardo de Menezes. Along the journey he contracted Malaria and would die in the city of Cochin on Christmas Eve. His body would be buried in the city of Kochi. His remains were sent back to Portugal 15 years later in 1539.

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where did vasco da gama live?

i need to know where vasco da gama lived when he retired I mean where did he live with his family after he retired in 1503

Da Gama retired/settled in Évora, Portugal.

??Who is Vasco da Gama?

Who is he? Thanx! And please don't say "wikipedia and google" and don't say something like "wut u r stoopid r u in lyk 3rd grayd?" But I only need a few sentences. Not big paragraphs. And BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS! Sorry the question marks weren't supposed to be before the question!! lol

Vasco da Gama was a 15th-century Portuguese explorer. He was the first European to reach India by sea. Unlike Columbus, who attempted to reach India by sailing west, da Gama sailed east around the African coast.

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