How Did Ukraine Gain Its Independence?

What Ukraine leader helped Ukraine gain its independence?

When Ukraine became independent, What leader/president was in charge? Thanks!

leonid kravchuk, 1991.

Native speakers, help me with my English, please!?

Could you please tell me whether there are any mistakes in this sentence? "After Ukraine had gained its independence in 1991, publicity started to discuss the tragic events of the early 1930s in Ukraine that had been a part of the USSR that time." Is this right? Or should it be "After Ukraine gained its independence in 1991"? Does it contain any other mistakes? Could you please correct them? (I want to say that the information about starvation and repressions that took place in Ukraine in the early 1930s st5arted being publicly discussed only after 1991, when Ukraine became independent). THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!

I would go with:

"After Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, they began publicly discussing the tragic events of the early 1930s, when Ukraine was a part of the USSR."

ukraine's independence?

Ukraine became independent again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

How are the political relations between Ukraine and Russia?

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Relations between Ukraine and Russia tend to be tense. Many Russians still consider Ukraine to be part of the Rodina. And when Ukraine became independent, a major chunk of Russia's food supply became part of a foreign country. (It's ironic that the Soviet-era Monument to the Unification of Russia and Ukraine stands just a couple hundred meters from Independence Square in downtown Kyiv.) But even in Eastern Ukraine, where the majority of people are ethnically Russian and speak Russian as their first language, polls consistently show that they want Ukraine to be an independent country and not a part of Russia. Russian will always be one of Ukraine's major trading partners, but the days of "unification" are over.

How did India gain its independence?

in other words, why did the British empire gave India its independence?

yes, Gandhi made a big role in order for India to attain independence. he encouraged Indians to do the ahimsa and the satyagraha or simply "truth-force". this kind of protest is too do civil disobedience against the government. indians also established parties to gain autonomy and eventually independence to Britain. examples of these parties are the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League. well, those hardships succeeded because they were able to gain independence at August 15, 1947.

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