How Did Texas Get Its Shape?

what are the TX st inspection stickers color differences?

some are purple with the texas shape and gray or light blue with the texas shape. and a flag shape.

I'm not 100% sure but I think it changes every year.

How did the US get the land from the Texas annexation?

i need to know a simple way of saying the process the U.S. took to get the area gained during the Texas Annexation?

Texas leguslature ok'd the merger and the US Congress had to OK it.

When Texas joined the Union in 1845, the vast territory of the republic was mostly unsettled and was considered public land. The state did not turn over ownership of those public lands to the federal government upon joining the Union. Instead, the classic, if peculiar, shape of Texas known today was determined as part of the Compromise of 1850. For a $10 million price tag, Texas sold 98,300 square miles of that public land to the United States. The land included parts of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

In February 1845, Texas approved the resolution to enter the Union. Part of that resolution, which came to be known as the Constitution of 1845, stated that Texas would retain its right to divide into four states in addition to the original Texas. Although most Texans can't imagine splitting up the Lone Star State, the legal right to do so still remains! Texas also has the right to cecede from the union, it's in its constitution.

Why did the US want Texas?

I actually have a few questions involving the expansion in texas. Around the time of Stephen F. Austin. 1.) Why did the US want texas? What was so special about texas? 2.) What did the US do to try to take Texas and what happened when they tried?

Actually, Texas wanted the USA, not the other way around.
To begin, Texas was a territory of Mexico. Texans revolted and won their INDEPENDENCE, from Mexico, shortly after the battle of the ALAMO. After it gained it's independence, politics took over and a governor was elected. Through populist movement of the people, Texas then petitioned the American Government for statehood, and was accepted.
Other than a large population of texas being originally American, the United States had nothing to do with Texas winning it's independence from Mexico.

How come Texas lost all her land?

Whenever Texas was an independent country, north Texas stretched all the way to what is now Colorado. Now, the Texas panhandle doesn't stretch as far north. When and why did Texas lose all this land?

The Republic of Texas included land that is now part of present day Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. This land was given to the U.S. government in 1852; in return the U.S. assumed all of Texas' debt.

Who will win: Texas or Arkansas?

I think Texas will win but it will be like a 10 point game I think.

Well based on our (Arkansas) previous two performances, I have to say Texas. If the Hogs spot Texas 3 quarters of play like they did Western Illinois and ULM we'll get embarassed. Our line play, both offensive and defensive, will really have to step it up to be competitive, not to mention our secondary.

Personally, I think emotion will keep it close for a while, cause we hate Texas, but I believe Texas is a better team by far and their experience and talent will overpower the youth of the Razorbacks. Texas wins 35-14.

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