How Did Tamela Mann Lose Weight?


Im 13 And I Want To Lose Weight Fast!!!! Before School Starts...... Any Ideas???

Losing weight fast is never a good idea. A healthy weight lost is about 1 to 2 pounds a week. If you want to lose weight safely, make sure you are eating healthy. Drink plenty of water. Go to bed at a good time, and sleep for eight hours. Run at least twice a week, for as long as you can go. Cut out junk food, and spend less time sitting down. Before long, you'll start to lose weight. Word of advice, if you lose that weight too fast, extreme weight lose, you could damage your colon, heart, and other important organs. But if you follow what I said, you'll get thinner.

Does a high body temperature help lose weight fast?

example: if you wear sweat pants and shirt. does containing that heat increase the core tempurature, in turn help lose weight faster?

You could lose weight, but it wouldn't be fat. It would be water weight since you are sweating more! So technically yes.

Why do you have to pay to play Mann vs. Machine?

I know you can play for free, but look at it this way; its shitty that way. So why again did Valve need to take money? Couldnt just Gabe keave one Snickers. Why couldnt it just be free?

Well Mann vs. machine is free you should pick the option without the ticket so it for free, Your wondering why because the ticket option will reward you with prizes from cheap to expensive item from the mann co. store (it can save or lose a ton of money depending on what prize you earn)

How do some people lose weight when stressed when others gain weight?

I know people whole lose weight when they're stresses. They just drop pounds. I gain weight. But we eat the same.

Hi ,

I can understand how difficult it is to lose weight as I struggled with this myself.
Nothing seemed to work well for the long run and I tried them all. Then a friend
found a website that discussed a new method so I tried it and loved it. Maybe this is
something which could be right for you,too.

Well, best of luck!

How much weight can I lose on weight watchers in 5 months?

i'm 16 yr old girl, I weight 164, and im 5'8. I'm going to join weight watchers and if i follow it exactly and work out for 45 minutes 4 times a week what is the aproximate weight i could lose in 5 months?

I am glad that you are going to join Weight Watchers, it's such an awesome program! While no one can tell you exactly how much weight you could lose in 5 months, if you follow the program, you can expect to lose weight at a safe rate of 1/2 - 2 pounds a week. Hope this help!

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