How Did St Peter Die?

where did the apostle peter die?

According to church tradition, the Roman Emperor Nero, publicly announcing himself the chief enemy of God, was led in his fury to slaughter the Apostles. Because of the persecution, Peter was crucified upside down while in Rome. Concerning the last hours of his life, it is said that when Peter saw his own wife led out to die, he rejoiced because of her summons and her return home, and called to her very encouragingly and comfortingly, addressing her by name, and saying, "O thou, remember the Lord."

Of the final days of the apostle Peter in Rome, Jowett wrote that Peter was cast into a horrible prison called the Mamertine and for nine months, in absolute darkness, he endured monstrous torture manacled to a post. In spite of all the suffering Peter was subjected to, he converted his jailers, Processus, Martinianus, and forty-seven others. Peter met his death at the hand of the Romans in Nero's circus, 67AD.

Who said, "Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die."?

I don't remember where I saw this quote, but I thought it was beautifully honest, and I love it. But I don't know who said it. I looked around some on Google, and I think it may be Peter Tosh who said this, but I can't be sure. Does anyone know?

It is Peter Tosh. :)

“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

Peter Tosh quotes (Jamaican reggae Musician (Mystic Man, Mama Africa), 1944-1987)

I think the quote is very true.

If apostle Peter denied Jesus three times, isnt that a sin?

Religion teaches if you turn against God , its unforgiveable, so what do you think happened to Peter? Judas kissed Jesus's cheek and turned him in, and he was considered a false apostle, so what about Peter?

Peter never denied the Son of God.
Peter denied the Son of Man.
Jesus had often referred to Himself as Son of Man but never revealed the Son of Man until that Thursday night prior to His Crucifixion. Since the Son of God can't die it was imperative that He revert to the Son of Man so that the body of the Son of Man would die. The Son of Man had a completely different personality and appearance and Peter rightly did not recognize especially His behavior:

Jesus went to great length to cause Peter to deny Him:

1. Jesus confused Peter by directing all to bring swords (this was of utmost importance). Then, when only two, Simon Peter and the other Simon, had the courage to bring sword, Jesus rebuked Peter for drawing his sword.
2. Because Peter had drawn his sword he was not allow to be the witness at Jesus' trial.(Under Roman law the accused was allow only one witness). Jesus did not want Peter present at his trial because Peter would have gotten himself killed trying to defend Jesus. Peter would not have stood by as John did and watch Jesus being abused.
3. While Jesus was in the Judgment Hall, Peter believed they were actually inside planning to build the Earthly kingdom without him. NO ONE thought Jesus would be convicted and put to death; even though He had told them this time and again.
4. Since Peter thought he had been betrayed by Jesus, he felt embarrassed and disappointed in front of the crowd. Therefore, Peter denied Jesus before the Crowd. Peter did not act out of fear; he was the "Rock" that Jesus said he was.

Later, Jesus' asking Peter "Do you (still) love me" is somewhat of an apology from Jesus to Peter.

Was St.Peter Crucified, how did he die?

Yes, Peter was crucified - he chose to be crucified upside down because he believed he wasn't worthy to die in the same manner as his Lord, Jesus Christ.

Probably the most beautiful and passionate legend surrounds Peter and his wife, Perpetua. According to 1 Corinthians 9:5, Perpetua, who may have been the daughter of Aristobulus, accompanied him during some of his travels. Her life in history was never made clear in Scripture, but there are several accounts of her death. In Edgar J. Goodspeed’s book, The Twelve, he quotes from the accounts of Clement of Alexandria in his Miscellanies and from Eusebius in his Church History: “They say that when the blessed Peter saw his own wife led out to die, he rejoiced because of her summons and her return home, and called to her very encouragingly and comfortingly, addressing her by name, and saying, `O thou, remember the Lord!’” Peter and his wife apparently were of one mind in regards to issues of faith, and they were both willing to give their lives, apart from one another or together, in order to serve their Lord.

How did Peter Steele Die?

How did Peter Steele Die?

No official cause has been released but he died of heart failure. I have a feeling it was from alcoholism and cocaine usage from his past years. I think it just finally caught up with him and his heart gave up.

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