How Did Shirley Temple Die?

What ever happened to the girl that play Shirley Temple?

I see her on TV commercials all the time for the movie, but then I remember how old it was. Then it makes me wonder, what ever happened to that girl???

Shirley Temple was Shirley Temple. No one played her. Shirley Temple was a child actress and that was her name. As with most child actors, her roles in movies diminished as she got older. She married, more than once, had children of her own. As an adult, she became very involved in politics and was given an ambassadorship under the name Shirley Temple Black.

Did Shirley Temple die?

Shirley Temple is still alive. She was born in 1928. That makes her 82 years old.

Is Shirley temple black die?

She is still alive, shes 82 not 98.

The correct way to ask is, Is Shirley Temple Black alive?
Did Shirley Temple Black die?

Learn some grammar.

Did shirley temple die?

I found some answers showed she didn't die, but the website shows that she died. I'm confused.Thank you for your answers!

Shirley Temple Black received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2005. She's not dead.

Does anyone know what happened to Shirley Temple?

Is she still alive? if she is, where is she now? I just wanted to know, that's all.

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*** Shirley was born in 1928 - she is 78 years old.

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