How Did Santa Anna Die?

Where did Mexican Emperor Santa Anna die?

I read somewhere that he was exiled, settled in New York City and possible died there. Can anyone help?

Santa Anna died in Mexico City on June 21, 1876, penniless and heartbroken

Did mexican dictator Santa Anna use cocaine? if confirmed can you show your sources for me?

Me and my uncle were having a heated debate over whether or not santa anna used cocaine and if i could prove it. he later stated that cocaine was not even around until the 1970's, then i called him an ignoramous, because coca-cola laced their product with cocaine in the 1880's when it was first introduced and then later taken out of the product in 1901. it was also used as an anesthetic for surgery. so if somebody could confirm for me that santa anna did in fact use cocaine or some kind of drug and could so me their sources that would be awesome. i know santa anna died long before the 1880's i just threw that in there because cocaine has been around for a long time before the 1970's, it was just an example that i knew of.

Santa Anna died long before the 1880s, so he could not have used cocaine in the powdered form..
He might have chewed cocoa leaves if he had access to them. I hear it was a common practice among soldiers and labors in the Latin countries.

why was Antonio lopes de Santa Anna important?

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was the leader of the Mexican forces at the Battle of the Alamo. He was very important, because if he wasn't there, then there probably wouldn't have been a battle at the Alamo!

He made martyrs out of the Alamo defenders and gave Texans a rallying cry.

He fought on both sides of nearly every issue of the day. He is famous for his glorious victories, including his thwarting of Spain's attempt to reconquer Mexico (1829), and for his ignominious failures, including his defeat and capture by Sam Houston at San Jacinto in the Texas revolt (1836). When the Mexican War broke out, he contacted Pres. James K. Polk to broker a peace, but on arriving in Mexico he led Mexican forces against the U.S. (1846 – 47) and was driven into exile. When Maximilian was made emperor of Mexico, Santa Anna offered his services both to Maximilian and to his opponents; neither side accepted. He lived abroad 1855 – 74, finally returning to Mexico to die in poverty

how did texas become a state?

Texas was annexed by an act of Congress, Texas had been an independent country for 9 years before it was annexed.
The legal immigrants in Texas fought a war because Santa Anna was a dictator who refused to follow the Constitution.
There were many hispanics fighting against Santa Anna.
The Mexican government wanted settlers in Texas, because they needed a buffer between Mexico and the indians who controlled the plains.
These settlers were not illegal they had a contract with the Mexican government, and took out Mexican citizenship.

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