How Did Rocky Get Famous?

rate the rocky films out of 10?

mine is thus: rocky=10/10 rocky2=7/10 rocky3=8/10 rocky4=9/10 rocky5=0/10 rocky balboa=7/10 alot of people think 3 was great but i love 4 dont know why its just coolade

rocky = 9
rocky 2 = 7
rocky 3 = 6
rocky 4 = 6
rocky 5 = 3
Balboa = 9

Best Rocky Film.....?

Which is the best Rocky film? Rocky Rocky 2 Rocky 3 Rocky 4 Rocky 5 Rocky Balboa Also which feature Burgess Meredith as his tough old trainer

Rocky one was clearly the best.
That tough old guy was in one, two, three, and I think five.
Of course, he dies of a heart-attack in number three. But he comes back to talk to Rocky inside his head in number five. I don't think he was in four or six.
That is all.

How do you rate the Rocky films?

Rocky - a classic film Rocky II - another classic film. Rocky's so funny in this one! Rocky III - a good, fun, popcorn film Rocky IV - crap. Any Rocky film with a robot in it does not do it for me. Crappy 80's music to boot. One pro is that the climatic fight scene is the most enjoyable in the series. Rocky V - I know many people say this is garbage, but I find it VERY underrated. I actually like it. Rocky Balboa - a little slow, but otherwise, a classic

Rocky - Good
Rocky II - Sucked
Rocky III - Sucked
Rocky IV - Sucked
Rocky V - Sucked
Rocky Balboa - Sucked but not as bad at the last 4

Anyone notice at the end of rocky 4?

At the end of rocky 4, rockys son is sitting in the living room with his friends watching the ivan drago/rocky match on tv and he looks about 6 yet at the start of rocky 5 (which is set several days later when rocky gets back from russia) he is about 14 and is a different kid. WTF went on in those 3 days to make him grow that much?

Its a film what does it matter. Rocky filmes are the Best films. Its setting it up for the next fight

good Asap rocky tracks?

I've heard a lot about ASAP Rocky so I listened to "Peso" (apparently is most famous song? I'm not sure) and I enjoyed it, but for the most part artists' most popular songs aren't their best ones (excluding EARL) so I'm looking for more underground songs to bump. I'm not saying Peso sucked but I'm pretty sure he has wayy better tracks since a lot of his fans don't really like it from what I've heard. Sorry if this shit didnt maken any sense but im half asleep so yeeaahh

Fuck the haters. ASAP Rocky is the realest rapper out there right now. not to mention he's chill as shit.

My top 5 ASAP Rocky songs in order:

1.) ASAP Rocky-Trilla (
2.) ASAP Rocky-Bass (
3.) ASAP Rocky-Acid Drip (
4.) ASAP Rocky-Peso (
5.) ASAP Rocky-Leaf (

Honorable mention: ASAP Rocky-Demons (

Keep bangin' that good music, bro.

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