How Did Pittsburgh Get Its Name?

is pittsburgh pa within 100 miles of princeton nj?

the exact location in pittsburgh is the mellon arena

No, Pittsburgh is way further. No part of New Jersey is within 100 miles, many parts of Pennsylvania are further than that from Pittsburgh.

What do you think about the Dark Knight Rises filming in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh will be GOTHAM CITY in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I just like miles from the Burgh, and ii am excited. What is you guy's overall opinion?


New York, or Pittsburgh?

My dream is to become a musician, and I live in Ohio so I figured that I could move to New York so I have a great oppertunity, but My sister and 2 cousins are moving to Pittsburgh and they want me to move their with them but I'm afraid that my dream won't come true in Pittsburgh as it will in New York. So my question is do u think I will have the same oppertunity in Pittsburgh as I will in New York far as my music?

If I was coming from the Buckeye and eventually wanted to end up in New York, I would do so through the 'Burg!
You can get your feet wet there and then head off to the Big Apple. Sounds like you have some sort of living arrangements in the land of the Three Rivers. Your odds of that in NYC would be a long shot at best. Remember, New York isn't exactly the center of the universe as far as music is concerned. Neither is Pittsburgh, BUT, I would think there would be a lot more entry level opportunities. Good luck.

Anyone know anything about Pittsburgh?

I'm planning a move to Pittsburgh within the next year and a half for school (Carnegie Mellon). I currently live in NYC so my question is how is the nightlife in comparison? Is it quieter? How would you say the people are like? Any information would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Pittsburgh is the greatest city. There is always stuff to do if you choose to with the waterfront and downtown. There are a lot of night life clubs also. It is not as crazy as NYC. Some terms that you need to learn tho is pop means soda, gum bands are rubber bands, red up the house means clean, yinz means you guys, and that's all I can think of for now of the Pittsburgh language.

Where can I find a list of income tax percentages for Pittsburgh neighborhoods?

Some neighborhoods that have Pittsburgh addresses only have a 1% income tax, some have a 3% income tax. (Dormont has a Pittsburgh address but only has a 1% income tax). Where can I find a list that provides this Information. Hyperlinks would be very helpful. Thank you!

Postal addresses do not conform to actual city boundaries. You have to know what city, borough, or township you're in. For example, Carnegie has a Pittsburgh address. But it's not in Pittsburgh. It has its own mayor and its kids don't go to Pittsburgh schools.

This is the link to look up any earned income tax rate in Pennsylvania. If you don't know your municipality, click on "Find Your Municipality". However, it isn't always accurate for finding a municipality. Once you know that you'll want the EIT register, enter your municipality's name. If you get more than choice, click on the right one. The percentage will be the one under "Total Resident Income Tax".

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