How Did Oxy Clean Guy Die?

what happened to the oxy clean guy?

now it's that austilan guy instead of the beard man. i heard he died but i don't believe it. where did he go?

He actually did die, June 28th 2009

why have a lot of celebrities been dying lateley?

first that fawcett chick, then mj, and now billy mays the guy from oxy clean commercials is dead. why?

PEOPLE DIE. EVERYONE DIES. When will you dummies get the picture?

Did Bill Nye the Science Guy die today?!?!?

if he did, can you tell me how? my bff told me he died today and i love him and i wanna know if he really did and what the hell happened to him. I no Michael Jackson and Farrah Faucet died too. I'm not freakin hiding under a rock people!!!

no...but billy mays did...he is the OXY CLEAN GUY...along with MJ and farah fawcett.... :(

why is Oxy only for boys and....?

what wud happen if a teenage girl used it?

Nothing would happen if a girl used it; it's just that Oxy figured most acne products on the market were catering to girls, and wanted something boys could feel kind of masculine about using, so they simply took regular acne medication and put it in packaging that would appeal to boys.

However, the main ingredients, which are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, are the same ingredients as in other acne products - this includes Proactive, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Zapzit, etc. Oxy doesn't contain any other special ingredients that would make it "boys only".

I'm a female and when I was in my teens (about ten years ago) Oxy contained the same ingredients it does now, but it was marketed more for girls!!! So it's really just a matter of advertising.

Oh, except that Oxy makes a line of shaving cream and aftershave products which really are for guys - otherwise, the facial cleansing and acne treatment products are fine for girls too.

How strong is Oxycontin?

I was gonna try oxy(cotton) in a fe days because my friend C has a whole bottle. How many would I take for my first time? What whould it do to me. Would it be bad to smoke weed after iv'e taken it?

Oxycontin is very dangerous and they most addictive pain killer ever made. they don't even make it any more because so many people got addicted to it. its very strong. there is no telling with oxy what body will do, it's very easy to OD from it if u smoke weed too cause the oxy will slow your breathing and the oxy will to alot. u should stay away from it.

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