How Did Omari Hardwick Son Die?

Can you help me put all of this in Mandarin Chinese? please?

Wó jiǎo Jennifer Hardwick. Wo shiwu. Wo shŭ zhū. Wo 1504 hillside circle. Wo wojiā number 843-503-3002. Wo xihuan to wan with my Mao and gou.

I can't stop laughing at the previous answer XD lol.
Ok, so I can only type in simplified chinese (not from taiwan). If you need it in trad just put it into microsoft translator or google translate and it will do the job correctly (since it has got nothing to do with the grammar, just the words). There are a few mistakes here, so I'll fix them for you.

I'm assuming this is what you want to say: My name is Jennifer Hardwick. I am 15 years old. I was born in the year of the pig. I live at 1504 Hillside Circle. My phone number is 843-503-3002. I like to play with my cat and dog.

I'll do this sentence by sentence:

My name is jennifer hardwick: 我叫 Jennifer Hardwick. (it's actually better to say "I am Jennifer Hardwick," which is 我是(shi) Jennifer Hardwick.)

I am 15: 我十五岁. (In chinese you can't just say "I'm 15," you need to say "I am 15 YEARS (old)." 岁= age (or in your case, years old.)

I was born in the year of the pig: 我属猪.

I live at 1504 Hillside Circle: 我住在 1054 Hillside Circle. (you forgot 住在- live at, which means you don't have a verb in your sentence).

My phone number is 843-503-3002: 我的电话号码是 843-503-3002. (电话号码= phone #, there is no such thing as "my house" number.)

I like to play with my cat and dog: 我喜欢跟我的猫和狗一起玩. (It's more grammatically correct to say "I like to play together with my cat and dog" wo xi huan gen (with) wo de mao he (and) gou YI QI (with) wan")

Hope this helped!

How and why did Ivan the Terrible's son die?

I already know that Ivan killed his son, and that his son was mentally challenged, but how was he killed and why would Ivan do that to his heir?

On November 19, 1581, Ivan beat his son's pregnant wife, angry with her because of the clothes she wore. She miscarried the baby as a result of the beating. His son argued with Ivan about this beating. In a fit of rage, Ivan struck his son on the head with an iron-tipped staff. The son lay in a coma for several days before he died of the festering wound. Ivan had always had a good relationship with his eldest son, and was overcome by grief, beating his head againt his son's coffin. He did later show some remorse over his son's death.

How did Yazid die???

you know...the son of a dog, how did he die? Palestinian Muslima N Proud: my apologies, i should have been more clear, Yazid the son of a dog Muawiyah, how did those two kaffirs die?

I think he died of some mysterious illness. He had constant nightmares of Imam Hussain's (AS) head and being attacked by scary monsters and stuff and was always thirsty. Well, that's what I heard.

Btw everyone, Yazid is a kafir so he cannot die a shaheed. Who ever likes him and his father can wish they are raised up with him if you feel so confident that they are such great people and better than Imam Hussain (AS). See you in hell (from heaven).

MERLIN: season 3 Will Uther die in this season?

I really hope not Uther is great 'They is no room for sorcery in my kingdom' but his Wourd has magic and so does his own son's manservant. well anyway for Arthur to be king Uther needs to die, how do you think he's going to die? sickness? murder? battle?


I want him die..Because he's too old..
He's going die drinking a poison that can not accure..

Will Annabeth die in Mark of Athena?

Will Annabeth die in the Mark of Athena? I looked at some other questions on here, and they said she would die in the book because of various clues in The Son of Neptune. I don't want it to happen, as shes one of 3 original characters, and it might also not fare well with readers, and the popularity might also go down. Say it aint so!! If Annabeth dies, so does the series. And with will go Most of Riordans readers.

if Annabeth died in Mark of Athena I will read on, I will just be very upset, but the way I see it, I'd rather have Annabeth die than Percy as if Percy were to die I would be too upset. I could bearly read on in Son of Neptune when Percy fell off the cliff as I though he had died, I got so upset I couldnt read the part with Frank and Hazel and that horse with the giant

But yes, I think Annabeth may either die, or maybe even join the enemy

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