How Did Obama Change Welfare?

r u gonna vote 4 obama?

i m n not jus bcus hes black GO OBAMA!!!! alot of ppl dont believe in change

obama obama obama VOTE OR DIE obama obama obama obama obama obama

What's gonna happen if Obama wins the elections ?

And what's gonna happen is Mitt Romney wins? I'm with Mitt Romney. I want him to win because I hate to pay every paycheck a lot of money to feed lazy low life people!

If Obama wins we get four more years of a failing economy and no job increases.
If Mitt wins we have a chance of changing that for the better. The known entity is
that if Obama wins we continue on the course of the last four years. More people
will turn to the government to take care of them. That is what he wants. Take money
from the rich and middle class to support the welfare and SSD alcoholics and drug
Romney may not be a known but he has a better chance of getting the economy and
jobs going again.

So you have the known entity of Obama and no change or going with Romney and
hoping for change. I myself want to go with hoping for change not going with the same.

How can we keep those welfare recipients in check?

Look I was on welfare but I moved up in life and married a man that makes over 75k a year now I drive a 2011 Mazda 6 and live in a nice house and my daughter goes to a good preschool not one of them welfare pre schools and not on the tax payers dime. We need to reform welfare and make people fend for themselves because welfare creates lazy people.

Can't. We've tried Everything!

There's No Way to get Democrats to Work.

They have been on Welfare for Generations, and raise their Children to be on Welfare.

And.... we can't just let Democrats starve. We HAVE TO FEED THEM!

Is Obama going to win the election because the banks who own the country are comfortable with him?

I mean why would they need to change things up? It's not like Obama has prosecuted a single banker that crashed the markets in 2008. He just keeps giving them more and more government money. Romney would of course do the same, so why even change it up? They already own Obama.

There is some truth that what the business world hates the most is uncertainty,or 'the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.' And you are probably right that Romney is seen as a safer change than Gingrich,Paul or Santorum.

Why would I change presidents if Romney will chase the same davivitives Obama did?

Republicans raised the debt ceiling with dems in 2010. I already know Obama can keep us safe, Romney would be a risk.

in the debates romney said he agreed with obama on almost everything so why change.

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