How Did Nelson Rockefeller Die?

Who inherited the Rockefeller family's fortune?

I wonder if nelson rockefeller had any heir...what happened to that shitload of money? is there any rockefeller out there?

In 1934, John D. Rockefeller Jr. established trusts for his daughter and five sons that consisted of oil company stocks and real estate holdings. These trusts still hold the bulk of the fortune. Another set of trusts were set up in 1952 for his grandchildren, the fourth generation of the family. When family members die, their trusts divide into new trusts for their children.

A team of professional money managers oversee Rockefeller Financial Services, as the new family holding company is called, and are also developing a money management business for institutions and wealthy families who want to invest along with the Rockefellers.

The 200 or so professionals who manage the family fortune are known within the family as either "the family office" or "Room 5600," the number of the suite where they work on the 56th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. These advisers also handle the family members' income taxes, philanthropic pursuits and legal work, insure their huge art collection and help write speeches for family members. The Fourth Generation Takes the Family Torch

The changes in the family's investment strategy also reflect the nearly complete passing of the family torch from the famous Rockefeller brothers to their children, the fourth generation. The changes are also an attempt by David Rockefeller Sr. to provide some direction to the fourth and fifth generations of Rockefellers, who are not likely to be the nexus of wealth and influence that their parents and grandparents were.

Most of the Rockefeller money is tied up in various trusts that keep the principal out of the hands of the beneficiaries, who live off the substantial interest. Some of the 1934 trusts, which hold the bulk of the fortune, will end with the death of the fourth generation, and some fifth-generation family members will immediately get possession of huge fortunes.

How did nelson Mandela die?

Did he get shot or stabbed or did he just die

do you mean this Nelson Mandela, - if so he's not dead (yet).

Do you mean some one else?

If a woman divorces her husband is she still considered his widow when he dies or not?

The reason I ask is because I read an article on wikipedia about Mary Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller's first wife, a few years ago and it referred to her as his widow, even though they divorced in the 1962 and he remarried the following year and he died years later in 1979.

She would not be is widow... She would be his X wife, not widow. The women he was married to when he passed would be considered his widow.

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I have had the misfortune of being under water and inhaling water, I don't know how close I actually was to drowning but it was anything but euphoric, it was panic, it was horror. My dad always said he wanted to be shot by a jealous husband at age 98. I wonder how often that happens. Nelson Rockefeller, born into vast wealth, after living a life of incredible luxury and comfort, died at the moment of bliss in the arms of a prostitute, at an advanced age. How unfortunate for the lady. Not bad for him. My choice would be something real quick and painless. I guess in sleep would probably be the best.

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