How Did Lucky Luciano Die?

Answer by Jessie C. on Mar 3 2014

Luciano died of a heart attack at an airport in Naples in 1962 as he prepared to meet an American producer interested in making a movie based on his life of crime.

What exactly were the connections Frank Sinatra had with Lucky Luciano?

I am researching the Mafia and what rolls it played in US History. My wife is full blood Sicilian, her last name is Vecchioni. It turns out her family had some connections. I guess Im just interested in the Mafia. Thanks in advance!

- January 26, 1962, Luciano died of a heart attack at Naples International Airport. On the day of his fatal heart attack, Luciano was going to sell the rights of his life's story to a movie maker from Spain and was certain Dean Martin would play the leading role there Lucky and Dean had a friend in common, Frank Sinatra. The Mob disliked the idea because it would bring to much attention to the mafia and had unsuccessfully tried to change his mind. Some say that Luciano was being threatened and hardly left his penthouse in Naples in fear of his life....

Pavarotti is dying.?

Please tell me where I can get him singing Don Jose from Carmen.

Opera Tennor and Meister Singer Lucciano Pavarotti - has died of kidney failure.



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Questions about Luciano Pavarotti?

-When was he born? -When did he die(What's the exact date)? -In what age did he die? -where was his first concert? -When did he sing his first song?

Luciano Pavarotti, was born on the outskirts of Modena in north-central Italy
Died On September 6, 2007 aged 71
Pavarotti began his career as a tenor in smaller regional Italian opera houses, making his debut as Rodolfo in La bohème at the Teatro Municipale in Reggio Emilia in April 1961
He probably sung hist first son when he was an infant

Luciano Pavarotti just died!?

im in shock!!! HONESTLY! I always expected him to pass away when got older :( what are your opinions?

Yeah, -Luciano's gone. He was 71- I hear. Now he's singing for the Angels on high... He had one heck of a good "engagement". He left the World a better place... :)

What happens to the 3 tenors after Luciano Pavarotti dies?

The Three Tenors---Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti---stopped performing as The Three Tenors after the 2007 death of Luciano Pavarotti.

Individually, Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo continued their careers as singers.

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