How Did Lsu Get Their Mascot?

whats the name of the NFL Denver Broncos mascot horse?

Mascot's name is Miles.

Excerpts from the Denver Broncos' web site:

Color Miles!
Do you like coloring? Do you like miles the mascot? then you're going to love this activity!...

Mascot Appearance
miles the mascot will be at the Verizon Wireless retail store in the Aspen Grove...

what is the mascot name of oakland raiders?

and what kind of animal their mascot was?

they dont have a mascot. just their crazy fans

If LSU wins the national Championship Do you think?

Don't give me that arrogant answer about it ain't gonna happen! But if LSU wins the National Championship game could you consider this team one of the best of all time!

The 2011 LSU team might the best of all time according to LSU school records but not on the national level. But we have to first wait and see if LSU win and what the final score . If LSU beat Alabama by a huge margin like 20 points then you have to take that into consideration.

Anyone know where to get a San Francisco 49ers Mascot Headcover?

Looking for the Niner Miner 49ers Mascot headcovers. The NFL Team Mascot is being discontinued. Help!

What would be a better system to decide who plays for the NC game or other Bowl Games?

I know most of you are thinking play-off system, which seems to be more fair...But what about this.... Allow the mascots of every team in Div I-A to battle it out (kind of like they do in those commercials) in a free-for-all melee. Last mascot standing wins the National Championship. I know most of you are saying that it doesn't make much sense, and that it is pretty stupid... But let's face it.. it makes as much sense as the current BCS system. Any thoughts? Does anyone have a 'system' that's as as 'good' as the mascot melee (or the BCS)?

Sumo Wrestling?.. wait Kansas would be consensus #1 and take on LSU and Les Miles for the title lol.. and Sweatervest Jim Tressell would be squashed.. not a good choice.. thumb wrestling maybe.. but Mangeno might not be able to bend his thumbs and I'm pretty sure Phillip Fulmer couldn't either..

playoff please!

Edit: I'm all for a Mascot melee btw.. put that on Pay-Per-View and borrow the UFC Octagon.. it'd RULE!

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