How Did KFC Start?

What all preparations shall I do to start KFC in my town?

Hi I'm from a small district of Kerala State in India. KFCs are very rare in India. It seems there are none in Kerala. It is very interesting. Why? Can I start it? Is there any hindrance? There are rich people here and there plenty of Restaurants and Star Hotels. Why no KFC the Kentucky Fried Chicken?

You can contact the authority of KFC and start a franchise in your place after getting approval and completing all formalities.

Can I get the kfc coleslaw original recipe?

I just simply very like the kfc coleslaw but tired to buy it always. so anyone of u can give the original kfc coleslaw recipe to me? For your information, I already try many of coleslaw recipe from internet but it doesn't like what kfc coleslaw it is.

I also like kfc coleslaw recipe very much. My mother in law did this coleslaw before using the recipe book but it's not good enough. Then i found this kfc coleslaw recipe and ask my wife to make that coleslaw. You just try from this site :

hope you enjoy you meal.

Can anyone tell me where EXACTLY the large KFC logo is in Nevada?

I heard it from my friend and searched for it in Wikipedia. It says the large KFC logo is made in one of Nevada's deserts in this year 2006. I tried searching for it in Google Earth but there doesn't seem to be any KFC logo.

The KFC Logo is in the town of Rachel, Nevada. The town is known as being the closest city to Area 51. Here is the press release on KFC's website:

Do you think KFC will start offering discounts to black people?

You know, since they're KFC's most frequent customers.

Oh my god ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ! You cant just ask people if KFC will give discounts!

What are the UK KFC Opening Times?

What time do KFC open and shut in England?

there is a link at the bottom so you can locate it yourself.

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