How Did Joseph Stalin Die?

Answer by David N. on Mar 3 2014

Officially he died from natural causes, a cerebral hemorrhage. Of course if someone were to have assassinated him, it most likely have been Lavrenty Beria. Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that Beria had, immediately after the stroke, gone about "spewing hatred against Stalin and mocking him", and then, when Stalin showed signs of consciousness, dropped to his knees and kissed his hand. When Stalin fell unconscious again, Beria immediately stood and spat. Beria had good reason to worry, as Stalin had started to slowly denounce Beria in the news, and Beria obviously the man who used to be doing the announcing, knew that he might be denounced publicly soon. Though much of this is speculation, and a lot of other people had reason to want Stalin dead also.

How Dis Josef Stalin Die?

Hi i wondered if u could tell me how Josef Stalin died.

If you check out Wikipedia there is a paragraph about the death of Stalin which does refer to the boast by Beria that he poisoned Stalin, however the article suggests that whether or not this is true will never be known for certain.
The cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage from which he collapsed and died 4 days later. There is a possibility that warfarin, a blood thinning agent may have been administered as a poison.

Did Hitler live very luxuriously during his dicatorship ? how compared to Joseph Stalin?

how Joseph Stalin lived compared to the way Hitler lived? and why , what power gave Stalin? as at least Hitler very much lived in luxury didnt he? please explain how this might have helped delude Hitler as to his real importance and actual power within the german Stalin was similar or differenly deluded or not and why this was? thanks for your answers!

Adolph Hitler was sort of an aesthetic, he usually kept fairly simple personal living quarters without a lot of luxuries. He was very insistent on extreme security measures, but did not accumulate much personal possessions beyond what he considered necessities. He was a very focused person, and considered luxuries to be unnecessary distractions from his work which he considered supremely important. Some other top Nazis lived very extravagantly; particularly Himmler and Goering, and Hitler was occasionally critical of them for doing so.
Hitler considered himself to be a unique person in history with a great mission which he had to do at any cost. His life wasn't so much about him as the vision he had for the Greater Germany that he hoped to achieve. He was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish it, if it meant he had to destroy entire nations to achieve his goals then that is what he was wiling to do.

Joseph Stalin on the other hand kept several personal Dacha houses and enjoyed luxuries. He was just as much, if not more so, insistent on personal security as Hitler was. While he was not as extravagant as the Czar and the Russian nobility had been, his living standard were well beyond that of the average Soviet citizen. For Stalin it was all about power, the ability to control other people and get what he wanted. He had no great mission other than keeping himself in power. Wealth, luxuries, Russia, Communism, and everything else were only tools to this purpose which was power..

Are the bodies of Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lennin visible to the public?

I want to know if their bodies is still viewable to the public.

Lenin's body is still viewable in the mausoleum in the Red Square. Stalin's body was buried in 1961.

Who was worse Stalin or Ivan the terrible?

no answers about how i should not be comparing murderers please!

Ivan because he came before stalin. Stalin was just a dictator that robbed someone elses idea's and made them his own. Ivan came up with the original idea's and stalin copied them.
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How do you pronounce Joseph Stalin's real surname Dzhugashvili ?


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