How did John Lennon die?

Answer by Olinda N. on Jul 15 2008

1980: John Lennon shot dead
Former Beatle John Lennon has been shot dead by an unknown gunman who opened fire outside the musician's New York apartment.

The 40-year-old was shot several times as he entered the Dakota, his luxury apartment building on Manhattan's Upper West Side, opposite Central Park, at 2300 local time.

He was rushed in a police car to St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center, where he died.

His wife, Yoko Ono, who is understood to have witnessed the attack, was with him.

Shots heard

A police spokesman said a suspect was in custody, but he had no other details of the shooting.

"This was no robbery," the spokesman said, adding that Mr Lennon was probably shot by a "deranged" person.

Witness reports say at least three shots were fired and others have claimed they heard six.

There are also reports Mr Lennon staggered up six steps into the vestibule after he was shot, before collapsing.

Jack Douglas, Lennon's producer, said he and the Lennons had been at a studio called the Record Plant in mid-town earlier in the evening and Lennon left at 2230.

Mr Lennon said he planned to have some dinner and then return home, Mr Douglas said.

Fans at scene

The Lennons are said to have left their limousine on the street and walked up the driveway when the gunman opened fire.

It is unclear whether the man had been lying in wait in the entrance to the building for Mr Lennon, or whether he came up behind him.

Witnesses describe the gunman as a "pudgy kind of man", 35 to 40 years old with brown hair.

Other former band members, Paul McCartney, guitarist George Harrison and drummer Ringo Starr are thought to have been informed of Lennon's murder.

Fans have already begun arriving at the scene, many still unaware Lennon has died.

Mr Lennon is survived by his wife, their son Sean, and his son from a previous marriage, Julian.

Why do some people say that John Lennon deserved to die?

This is a serious question and is in no way meant to be chatting or ranting. Why do some people say that John Lennon deserved to die? Why do they say that Mark David Chapman is a hero? I know that John wasn't perfect just like nobody is, but he surely didn't do anything to deserve to be murdered.

I get so offended when people say that. It makes me extremely mad. John Lennon did many disapointing things in his life LIKE EVERY HUMAN ON THIS EARTH. So If people say that he deserved to die just because of his mistakes, doesn't every human deserve to die because we have all made big and little mistakes just like John Lennon. In no is Mark David Fagman a hero. The thought of it is just disgusting. He took away an angel from us! There is never going to be another John Lennon ever again. That monster had serious problems in his mind. First of all he wanted to steal Lennon's fame which is ridiculous. And he also killed him to prove his love to his wife which is very disturbing. And also, Fagman killed John Lennon because of the "Christianity" remark in 1996. The interview was taken out of context. What John really said is that maybe The Beatles would be as big as Christianity in the future. What he said was harmless and it's ridiculous why people get offended over a harmless statement like that. John Lennon did nothing close to deserve to get murdered. Fagman deserves to be murdered. No wait he shouldn't be sentenced to death because then he would escape the torture of prison. But if he dies he can go to hell. In my mind, the perfect human is not perfect. A little hard to understand but someone like you could understand. For those people who think that John Lennon deserves to die, I don't know how you could say something so hideous like that. We will never know why people say the things they do. You and I know that they're just being ridiculous. John Lennon has never deserved to die. Fagman does. I'm 13 and I did a project on Lennon's death and how it affected a lot of people.

What did John Lennon think when he was shot?

John lennon was shot four times outside his appartment by Mark David Chapman. He died on the way to the hospital. This means he didn't die instantly, I just wanted to know. What do YOU think John Lennon was thinking while he died. Long live John Lennon. :<

I think he was thinking "I hope I made a mark in this world"
Or "I should have known I would be killed for dreaming"
Whatever he was thinking, it's a shame that it happened.
Good question :)

The absence of John Lennon; Is the absence of John Lennon negatively affecting your happiness?

John Lennon died in 1980, he was murdered. He was the first member of the Beatles to die. He touched the world and maybe helped changed the world. Then he was gone. How has his absence affected you ever since?


Who wants to join my John Lennon family?

Ok, so we have a Michael Jackson family, but not one for John Lennon. All true John fans are welcome to join. I think that there needs to be a John family, so that's why I'm starting one. BQ: (Just Like) Starting Over or Watching The Wheels?

I'm in, for sure. John is my favorite Beatle. I'm glad someone is starting one! I figured I would leave it up to "I Love John Lennon"! :) John Lennon for the Win!

John Lennon?

is John Lennon dead? And who is he?

John Lennon was one of the four Beatles, including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. He was shot in front of the Dakota by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980. Even though it's been 27 years since John Lennon's death, he is still considered a music genius today, probably one of the most talented songwriters music has ever seen. He was also famous for protesting the Vietnam war by staging beds in the middle of the street, anti-war protests, and radical behavior. If you are interested in knowing more about John Lennon, I would suggest Googling him or reading more about him on Wikipedia.

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