How Did Iyanla Vanzant Go Broke?

How are Onika and Iyanla pronounced?

Onika is Nicki Minaj's name and I pronounce in Awn-Nika. I pronounce Iyanla as I-yawn-la.

Lol, you're just assigning new names to people...

Onika = Oh Nee Ka
Iyanla = E Yan La (Not going to lie, this one... Can be difficult to pronounce).

{{If your second name is based on Iyanla Vanzant, then it is E-Yan-La... I think she's had to correct people on the pronunciation all/most of her life.

Is the t.v. show The Starting Over House over? Their website is gone too.?

There hasn't been any official news of its renewal. However, in an article published yesterday, Iyanla Van Sant said that "this is likley her last season," implying that the show may continue without her. I hope the show continues, with or without her!

Reality TV star, priestess visits Chicago church

September 11, 2006

BY JIM RITTER Staff Reporter

Iyanla Vanzant, a self-described "spiritual life coach," is a star of the TV reality series "Starting Over." She also has written 13 books, including five best sellers, and has been a frequent guest on "Oprah."

So when Vanzant goes shopping, she attracts lots of attention. Some folks run up to her, some scream, some sneak photos on their cell phone cameras.

Visits every year

Vanzant referred to her celebrity status Sunday morning while giving a guest sermon at Christ Universal Temple, 11901 S. Ashland.

"We can be besieged when we go to Target and just want to see what is on sale," she said.

Vanzant's message was to resist worshipping false gods such as fame, power and money.

"Don't get too high and mighty worshipping your common gods because God will bring you down," she said.

Vanzant said she long has admired the Rev. Johnnie Colemon, founder-minister of Christ Universal, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary next month. Vanzant studied under a graduate of Colemon's theological seminary and said Colemon "has been my teacher even before I laid eyes on her."

And Vanzant has been preaching at Colemon's church every year for the last 10 years.

"I'm like family here," she said. "I'm honored to stand in this pulpit."

Vanzant, 54, grew up in New York and was a public defender for four years before she began writing and speaking.

Among her many roles, Vanzant is a priestess in the Yoruba African religion. She changed her first name from Rhonda to Iyanla, an African name that means "great mother."

But Vanzant stuck to Christian themes during her half-hour sermon. She made frequent references to the Bible and cracked a few self-deprecating jokes.

Vanzant noted, for example, that she frequently gets letters from women asking whether the new man in their life is the Right One.

"How would I know who is the man for you?" Vanzant said. "I've been married three times."

Leaving 'Starting Over'?

Vanzant said this likely will be her last year on the syndicated "Starting Over," which strands troubled women in a mansion with Vanzant and another life coach and psychologist.

Vanzant also is founder of InnerVisions, which trains students in life skills, life coaching and the ministry.

On her Web site, Vanzant says, "My purpose in life is to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness."

what the heck happened to iyanla vanzant?

she fell off ? she was only the black female dr phil way before fake azzz dr phil came on the scene. you aint knowing ?? lol pardon my ebonics

I dunno. I really liked her books too.

Iyanla Vanzant was on Oprah & mentioned her dead child, when did her child die?

She is a very inspirationaly women. I am wondering if she had a child die recently or it this happened years ago. I would appreciate any information about this.

She died in 2003 from cancer. Her daughter was an adult.

I HATE being alone. IDK what to do? :( please help?

i dated a guy for 2 years and it took me 7 months to get over him. After those 7 months, I started dating this kid and dated him for 2 weeks but I found myself to be really close to him. Today he broke up with me and Im lost and confused. He tells me before he leaves that he just wants to be friends but yet 5 minutes before we were cuddling and kissing. What do I do? I am back in the dark place I was in for 7 months. idk what to do

It can take awhile for females to learn to enjoy their independence and realize they don't need to be in a relationship to be happy. Jumping from one relationship to the next doesn't help either.

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