How Did Ireland Become A Country?

What do you think of the name Ireland?

I have seen a few people suggesting it today as a girl's name. Any thoughts? It seems weird to me to use it because Ireland is just a few hours across the ocean from me.

I'm Irish. I live in Ireland and I think Ireland is an awful name for a human.

"So Ireland, How do you feel about going to Ireland on holiday?"
"Yes Ireland, Dublin is in Ireland"

Think about your child before you name it Ireland.

When is the next bank holiday in Ireland?

A date please ?

Next bank holiday is the 30th August - that's in Northern Ireland. You didn't specify which of the two countries on the island of Ireland...(cos there's no such country called Ireland, only the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland).

Why has not Ireland become a independent country and why has not england given independance to Ireland?

Ireland is an independent country. It was granted independence from the UK in 1922, and its current form, the Republic of Ireland, has been around since 1937.

Certain counties in the North are still part of the UK, but this is because their populations voted to stay with the UK rather than the republic, and currently a majority of the North Irish population wants to remain with the UK.

Why did Ireland become its own country?

So I'm taking notes on a country that seceded and became independent, and I have Ireland. I found a lot of info on the actual fighting, but what was the reason the fighting became?

Ireland was an independent country (only briefly completely united) for a long time before the Normans came across from Britain and took over. That was the beginning of English rule which went on until the 20th C. Guess I wouldn't really call that secession.

Why did Ireland split from the United Kingdom?

how and why?

Previous YA response: "There's not really a protestant part and a catholic part, Ireland is split into northern ireland and the republic of ireland,.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK and has 6 counties, the republic of Ireland is an independent country and has 26 counties, the majority of northern Ireland is protestant but there are also many catholics along with other religions, the majority of the republic of Ireland is catholic but there are many protestants and other religions.

The country is split because the whole of Ireland was invaded by the UK and remained under British rule until 1922 when the republic got its Independence but the North remained part of the UK."

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