How Did Godsmack Get Their Name?

what godsmack song is this?

i think its by godsmack, at least. it started out kinda weirdish, and there was harmonica in it. thats pretty much all i remember, except they played it on KSHE 95, for those of you in STL. anyone? Sorry I'm low on onto but that's all I can remember...

Godmsack has a song called "Shinedown" that starts out with a harmonica. Try that one.

what ever happened to ugly kid joe?

who remembers ugly kid joe? any one know what ever happened to those guys, i used to love them

OMG I haven't thought about them in YEARS!
Here's some info.

Ugly Kid Joe disbanded 1997, and as of 2007 have not expressed plans for reuniting. Drummer Larkin is currently a member of Godsmack, while singer Crane has collaborated with some Godsmack members on a new project called Another Animal.

what happened to Tommy Stewart, former drummer of Godsmack?

Tommy Stewart (born May 26, 1966) was formerly the drummer for American hard rock band Godsmack. He joined Godsmack in 1995, but left the band in 2002. In 2003 he joined vocalist Pete Murray and guitarist Neil Godfrey from Ultraspank to form Lo-Pro.

Lo-Pro is signed to Staind and Aaron Lewis's record label 413 Records (a subsidiary of Geffen Records). With little activity by Lo-Pro after touring behind their debut album, Stewart did some shows with Fuel as a replacement drummer in mid-2005, and is now part of the group according to Fuel's Myspace page.[1] In January 2005 he played drums on the CD "Ain't No Good Life" by Rusty Wright Blues as stated by the bands website [2] The CD was released in August 2006 and features 13 songs in a blues/southern rock style. Tommy and Rusty were old band mates from much earlier projects but this was the first time doing the blues genre. Tommy does casual dates with Rusty Wright as guest drummer.

What is good music to listen to when you are depressed?

Names of songs of artists that are good when you are depressed please.

Godsmack... any of them

What members of bands do you think would be better off in another band?

For example, I think Joey Jordison would be awesome in a better band. Something more heavy would suit his skills well.

Ace Frehley should leave KISS.....oh wait he did, crap Peter Criss should go to..... oh he left as well. On a serious note. Sully Erna should leave Godsmack and the other guys in the band would be much better off with out him.

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