How Did Ew Kenyon Die?

Derrick Rose or Blake Griffin?

Who would you draft if you were the CHICAGO BULLS and had the number one pick? Now, you've seen that rose is a proven commadity but griffin is that post presence that the bulls still need. So who its going to be? Valid Reason to back up your answer

Derrick Rose easy.
This dude is special.

Griffin is ok, but he's just gonna be another Kenyon Martin.
Great in college because he had no competition. No post moves, not outside game, rebounds big because he's the only big on his team.
He is athletic though and could be a Shawn Kemp, but to me he's Kenyon Martin for now.

Derrick Rose is gonna be a SUPERSTAR like very soon. He's already proving what he can do as a rook.
I'd take Derrick Rose 120 times out of 100

What happened to all of the ball players from coach carter?

Jason Lyle, Junior Battle, Timo Cruz, Jaron "Worm" Willis, Damon Carter, Kenyon Stone did none of them ever make it to the NBA?


Junior Battle went to San Jose State University on a full scholarship. Jason Lyle went to San Diego State University. Timo Cruz attended Humboldt State University where he became a starting guard. Worm (whose real name is Jaron Willis) received a scholarship to San Francisco State University where he played point guard for four years. Kenyon Stone attended Sacramento State University and received a degree in Communications. Damien Carter went on to break the Richmond High School scoring and assist records previously held by his father. Upon graduation, he attends the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Do ghosts die ??

if they don’t how come we never see cave-man ghost’s

Spirits die so can ghosts die too. even the great michael the archangel thought he could never die and guess what hes dead so tell me what do you really want to know? gods die too and so can anything just like humans can die life isnt eternal after all.

does declan die in degrassi?

some peple are saying he did!!! future episodes i think

A lot of people think that Declan is going to die, because i heard that someone is going to die at the end of this season, and Landon (the guy who plays Declan) only has like 1 episode left of Degrassi, so they assume he'll be the one to die. I personally think it could be Anya's mom that'll die, but Declan could die too, it's not that far-fetched. If he does die, i think he might kill himself.

When do you start to die?

Do you start to die when you are born, or half way through your life? Now, think about a car accident when you are 14. Did you start to die when you were 7? Think about it and respond with your reasoning if you can. Thanx.

people start to die when they feel like they would die.. you can be 70 and still be rollin' it's up to you and your energy

and we can't say we start to die when we are born because we don't know when we die therefore it's not like a line segment when you can count from a to b, it's a to x

and I fully agree with BR... totally!

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