How Did Epcot Choose Countries?

What does EPCOT stand for ?

What do the initials EPCOT mean ?

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, but it's interesting to note that the park is now called Epcot and is no longer an acronym.

What new land would you put in EPCOT?

If Disney were to put a new land in the world showcase at EPCOT what would be your choice. There are some notable countries missing with a rich history such as Spain or Greece. How did Disney choose the present countries there. Was it based on visitor numbers from those countries. My choice would be an ANZAC section for Australia and New Zealand. There is always someone that has to make a political statement. It was meant as a fun , realistic question Babycakes.

I believe the countries were built primarily based on sponsorship, I believe all the current countries have a direct or at least partial sponsor that provides funds to upkeep the pavilion, some the restaurants in the pavilions are also independently owned.

I would like to see any one of the following countries added:
- Spain
- India
- Australia/New Zealand
- Egypt
- Russia
Any of these would make a spectacular addition to the park.

I also agree with the previous poster regarding Ellen's Energy Adventure. The building is HUGE because its also used as a special events venue for private functions, thats one of the main reasons why that pavilion hasn't been touched. However, I do forsee a needed change in the near future.

Who knows what Epcot stands for ???

The name Epcot derives from the acronym EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney. Glad I could help.

Is Epcot in Disney World open everyday of the week?

I was checking the hours on the official Disney website. Every park but Epcot had everyday hours except Epcot. It only had Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday! Just wondering because I was planning on going to Epcot on a Wednesday but don't want to be stuck at the Epcot gate! Thanks! Amanda

the website must be on the fritz again.
epcot is open 365 days a year (every single day) just like the rest of the disney world theme parks.
don't worry when you go they will be open. i guarantee it.

Would you rather go to Disney's Epcot or Disney's Animal Kingdom?

Okay so i have to choose between one and i cant do it!!! I haven't been to either!! Please help! An explanation would be appreciated of why you chose it!

If given a choice I will always pick EPCOT over Animal Kingdom.

First of all in my opinion you get your biggest bang for your buck by visiting EPCOT because AK closes the earliest of all four theme parks.

There aren't that many attractions that interest our family either. Although I must admit we do enjoy the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. We also like It's a Bugs Life. It has a funny unexpected "ending". Those who have seen it know exactly what I'm talking about.

Festival of the Lion King is a live show that's also entertaining. The one drawback to this show is that while it's indoors so to speak it is HOT in there. No air conditioning. When we were there in December we didn't even bother to see it. In the years past the heat has been unbearable for our family. So we skipped it this time and the last time in fact. It's a good show, though.

I agree with Indiana Jones in that the park overall seems so uncomfortably warm. In fact that's what comes to mind when I think of AK. I've heard others complain about this, too.

EPCOT on the other hand has many other attractions that will fill your day. Soarin' is one of the best and not to be missed. Mission Space is a fun experience, too. Spaceship Earth is a relatively slow ride that always seems to be relaxing. They've updated part of it in the last couple of years which I still haven't made up my mind whether it was necessary to add the extra feature or not.

World Showcase which is found at the back of the park is a favorite of mine. You'll find a few attractions; not really that many but the ones they do have are entertaining enough for my liking.

What I love about World Showcase is how every country that is represented is a pretty accurate replica of the real thing. Or at least to me it seems like it is. It's interesting to be somewhat immersed in each countries' culture by way of their shops, restaurants, and best of all the Cast Members who are actual natives of each of those countries. It's so fun to talk to them about their land while learning a little about their family, interests, and language.

I hope you choose EPCOT. I haven't heard of too many people who have been disappointed. I don't expect you would either.

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