How Did Dr Atkins Die?

How did Dr. Atkins die?

dr. robert atkins died after an accidental fall left him comatose

Atkins Diet?

Have any of you been on that diet or know any one who HAS been on it?? if so how long did it take you/them to lose 15-20 pounds because i heard you can lose up to 10 pounds in 1 week. plz DONT answer this question saying its not a good diet or anything i just want to hear about the people who ARE on it r have BEEN on it and how much weight you have lost so far!! ok thanks!!! ;)

If Dr. Atkins was so smart, then why did he die of heart failure?
Seriously, Atkins has only short term results. Yes, it works, but as soon as you eat something that is not on the diet, you gain your weight back. And Atkins' chocolate will make your farts smell really, really bad.

I say, eat what you want, get fat and enjoy it.

what did Dr. Atkins die from and when?

Dr. Atkins died from slipping and hitting his head on solid ice while jogging to work one day. He started bleeding in his brain and one thing led to another...

How do you feel about Susan Atkins being released to die as a free women?

Susan Atkins has brain cancer and is one of the Manson Family murderers, she is actually the person who stabbed Sharon Tate and her unborn son to death. They are considering letting her out to die in a hospice setting.

She does not deserve any consideration,she should have been executed.She did not give her victims any mercy,so why should she expect any?

Susan Atkins Dying?

Yes we all know who she is and what she did.. she is dying of brain cancer.. she spent the last 37 years in prison paying for what she did.. what do you think should happen next?

She should die in prison. I'm not saying to torture her or anything...make her comfortable...but she should die in prison. I don't care how much she's changed.

The last words that eight months pregnant Sharon Tate ever heard were from Susan Atkin's mouth, as she was begging and saying "Please, I just want to have my baby..." were, "Look, -itch. I don't care about you. I don't care about your baby. You're going to die, and there's not a thing you can do about it."
Susan Atkins is already being shown infinitely more compassion and mercy than she showed Sharon Tate.

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