How Did Alaska Get Its Name?

how did usa get alaska?

how did united states acquire alaska

US acquired and purchased Alaska from Russia. A very smart move for defensive reasons, national security, and for natural resources Alaska is second to none. It is our biggest state.
I am born and raised in Michigan, and Alaska is one of the most beautiful states I have ever been to. We are lucky to have it as part of the USA.

How are Alaska and California different?

This is for my project. Please give specific differences. Not like hot in California and cold in Alaska.

One main thing is that is much more expensive to live in Alaska. Things have to be delivered by boat or airplane therefore is more expensive. Just in general the cost of living is more expensive. The day/night thing is different in Alaska because they'll have months of darkness at a time. They also actually get PAID by the government to live in long as they promise to stay an alaska resident forever, they will get a check each year, if they move they have to pay it back. Use wikipedia to research alaska, its pretty cool.

how alaska became the 49th state?

Alaska is US territory since Alaska purchase.World War II and the Japanese invasion highlighted Alaska's strategic importance because AK is closest place to Russia and Asia. President Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act into United States law on 7 July 1958, which paved the way for Alaska's admission into the Union on January 3, 1959. The House approved a bill for Alaska statehood on May 28, 1958 by a 210-166 vote,The Senate agreed with the House bill on June 30, 1958 by a vote of 64-20

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How can you sell a refrigerator to people in Alaska?

What would you say to people living in Alaska in order to make a refrigerator relevant for them? How would you advertise a refrigerator to them ?

You must think Alaskans live in igloo's, and it is always snowing here.
And a refrigerator is something not needed at all huh?
Well, here in Alaska they have regular stores that sell refrigerators.
And we do have summers here with temperatures that reach into the seventies, and sometimes see temps in the eighties mark where I am at, other places some do see eighties normally.
I get a kick out of people that think Alaska has snow coming down all year.
And people who ask if they need to exchange American money to some other currency, before they go to Alaska.
And ones who think the dog sled is the only means of transportation here.
And the ones that think all is Eskimo here in Alaska, we have Indians as well here in Alaska.
Well you go and get your refrigerator ads here in Alaska and bring us out of the primitive world, and introduce us into the modern world.

How long is Alaska to the US?

The US bought Alaska from Russia in 1867.

Alaska became the 49th state on January 3, 1959.

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