How Did Aaron Russo Die?

Did film maker Aaron Russo know about the events of 9/11, eleven months before they happened ?

Before you declare Aaron Russo some goofy nut case, do a little internet search to find out about him. Then watch the video... I'm not a believer that 9-11 was an inside job, but this is the most compelling thing I've seen

Aaron Russo was an incredibly courageous man. He did indeed try to warn us.

Funny, (NOT) the list of people that had the courage to speak out against this march toward the NWO all die very soon after.

did aaron russo really die of cancer?

i just saw the video of aaron russo exposing nick rockefeller and the whole 9/11 thing and then i saw that he died shorty after did he really die from cancer or did the rockerfeller family kill him because they thought he would expos the truth of there plan? can't the rockerfeller family control the media and what they say

Yes, After a six-year battle with bladder cancer, Russo died on August 24, 2007. Hope this helps.

Aaron Russo's passing was not on national news, why?

I watched broadcast news for three days and not one mention of this true American patriot's death was televised. They chose instead to honer some obscure Iraqi translator/journalist. For those who did not know of Mr. Russo's work; why would you "answer" my question? Go to to learn about Aaron's work to expose corruption

Russo was a man of peace and a man of truth.

His interview with the head of the IRS almost single handedly took the Fed's and the IRS private banking system down!

He was a great film maker as well - some of the best!

Wise Guys
Trading Places
Rude Awakening
Missing Pieces

And his final work - the one he did for the good of our people and our Nation

America: Freedom to Fascism

He died shortly after the completion of this film that reveals how we are all slaves in our own Nation to taxation and how the wealthy in this Nation rule us from their golden Washington thrones. Every decade starting a new war to fill their political control accounts through the blood of other human beings.

Arron Russo was a great man

The media didn't cover Russo's passing because that is how Rupert Murdoch has been instructed to run it. He has a contract with the Socialist Globalist Elite - they tell him what to cover and what not to cover.

A hundred Americans wake up to the Government lies every day. The ship is sinking and the minds are jumping ship!

Russo added a little piece of his patriot honest heart into the preservation of America and for that he will be remembered.

One day years down the road - his work will be viewed as a great Nation saving piece of history!

His time will come

God rest his soul and my sympathy and blessings go out to his family. We have lost a great film maker and a great patriotic American!

Is Aaron Russo really crazy or is most of the world deaf?

He did say 11 months before 9/11 he was told the US would go for Afghanistan and then Iraq to grab Oil, and then they would go for Chavez. He said this before he died of cancer. Are his "prophecies" coming true?

Aaron Russo had inside information through his contact with Nicholas Rockefeller - there was no prophecy and he would not claim it as such.
I'm so shocked to see that article, good job for calling our attention to it . I think it would take a Chavez humanitarian conflict or a massive uprising in America against the Venezuelans to justify a war.
Much more likely is a CIA hit on Chavez himself. And expect the US to assume control covertly through Colombia, especially if the price of oil spikes hard again. It is really lagging gold over the last few months as inflation expectations are going ballistic. Who knows what could happen if they intentionally crash the dollar.

Did aaron carter die?!!??!?

My friend is FLIPPING out..we need to know.

lol, no one remembers Aaron!!! XD

what ever happened to him anyway?

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