How Deep Is Lake Isabella?

Where can you fish without a boat in deep creek lake?

I'm going to deep creek lake, and would like to fish of a pier or the shore. Unfortunately our cabin isn't lake side. Are there any places you can go to fish, or do you pretty much have to rent a boat?

Deep Creek Lake Wisconsin? Deep Creek Lake China? Deep Creek Lake Canada? As I left Mexico, traveling north, I saw this huge pond on the left so I called it North Pond River Lake Place Thingy.

The people who lkive where you do must surely be simpletons!

lakes in california that start with a D?

Some of the names are crazy, but they are real. Click the link for the lake on the source and you'll get a map. The smaller ones don't have names on the map, but you can Google them.
Dade Lake
Dale Lake
Dales Lake
Dana Lake
Danby Lake
Dardanelles Lake
Dark Lake
Davis Lake
Davis Lakes
Dead Cow Lake
Dead Lake
Dead Rabbit
Deadfall Lakes
Deadhorse Lake
Deadman Lake
Deadmans Lake
Deadwood Lake
Deep Creek Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Springs Lake
Deep Waterhole
Deer Lake
Deer Lakes
Deer Lick Lake
Deerheart Lake
Del Monte Lake
Del Rey Lagoon
Delahunty Lake
Delta Lake
Den Lake
Depressed Lake
Derry Lake
Desolation Lake
Devereux Lagoon
Devils Bathtub
Devils Hole Lake
Devils Lake
Devils Oven Lake
Devils Punchbowl
Dewell Lake
Deyarmie Lake
Diamond Lake
Diamond-X Lake
D-ic-k-s Lake (<--- remove the hyphens, censorship is stupid)
Dillion Lake
Dingleberry Lake
Disappointment Lake
Divide Lake
Division Lake
Dobkins Lake
Doe Lake
Dog Lake
Dogwood Lake
Dollar Lake
Domingo Lake
Donkey Lake
Donlon Lake
Donner Lake
Doris Lake
Dorothy Lake
Double Head Lake
Downey Lake
Dragon Lake
Drake Lake
Draper Lake
Dream Lake
Drew Lake
Dry Lagoon
Dry Lake
Dry Lakes
Duck Hole
Duck Lake
Duck Pond
Duck Soup Pond
Dugan Pond
Dugans Pond
Dulzura Lake
Dumbbell Lakes
Dune Lakes
Durbin Lake
Durney Lake
Dustys Waterhole
Dutch Lake
Dutchman Lake
Dynamo Pond

How deep is Lake Burley Griffin, in Canberra?

I went swimming there 2day and i went about...2 metres under and i still could not touch the bottom! Any1 kno how deep it is? I tried google and all dat, but nothing came up!!!

You went "2 metres under and could not touch the bottom" ? Do you expect it to be 2 metres deep or less? LOL

Just like any lake - the depth varies all over the lake. On one end of the lake is Scrivener Dam so I guess it would be as deep as that - at least 18 metres deep.

My biggest concern is that you went SWIMMING in it today.... are you crazy? You must be a tourist because as far as I know - no locals go swimiming in it. Who knows what disease you will catch from it! (LOL)
Try the link below - it might give you some idea about the depth

what is Queen isabella 1 mostly named for?

what is Queen isabella 1 mostly named for? Queen Isabella 1 of SPAIN Mostly known for?

Do you mean "What is Queen Isabella I mostly KNOWN for?"
And WHICH Isabella? There is more than one Queen Isabella!
If you are referring to Isabella I of Castile, she is known for financing the expedition of Christopher Columbus. But, as I asked WHICH Isabella?
Queen Isabella may refer to:

Isabella of Hainaut (1170–1190), queen consort of Philip II of France
Isabella I of Jerusalem (1170–1205), queen regnant
Isabella of Angoulême (1188–1246), queen consort of John of England
Isabella of England (1214–1241), Holy Roman Empress to Frederick II and his queen consort of Germany and of Sicily
Isabella, Queen of Armenia (died c. 1252), queen regnant
Isabella of Aragon (1247–1271), queen consort of Philip III of France
Isabella of Ibelin (1241–1324), queen consort of Hugh III of Cyprus
Isabella of Ibelin (1252–1282), queen consort of Hugh II of Cyprus
Isabella of France (c. 1295–1358), queen consort of Edward II of England
Isabella of Majorca (1337–1406), titular queen consort
Isabeau of Bavaria (1369–1435), queen consort of Charles VI of France
Isabella of Valois (1389–1409), queen consort of Richard II of England
Isabella of Portugal, Queen of Castile (1428–1496), queen consort of John II of Castile
Isabella I of Castile (1451–1504), queen regnant; also queen consort of Ferdinand II of Aragon
Isabella, Princess of Asturias (1470–1498), queen consort of Manuel I of Portugal
Isabella of Austria (1501–1526), queen consort of Christian II of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Isabella of Portugal (1503–1539), Holy Roman Empress to Charles V and his queen consort of Aragon and Castile
Isabella Jagiellon (1519–1559), queen consort of János Szapolyai of Hungary
Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain (1566–1633), co-sovereign of the Habsburg Netherlands

What pole, reel, line, leader, and lure do I use for trolling Lake Trout (Mackinaw) at Lake Tahoe?

I'm going to West Lake Tahoe and I've never fished for Lake Trout before and I just need my questions to be answered and if there is any extra tips or important information that would be appreciated.

GMB, have you fished Lake Tahoe? These lake trout are MAC's. The locals refer to them as such (Mac's). They are very deep this time of the year so you'll need a down rigger to get beyond 80' deep. Since this is new to you, I'd hire a guide or go on a "Party" fishing boat to learn how to fish this lake and all of the small things to be successful. I've fished for Mac's in both Winter and Summer. Best is live bait jigging, but trolling works too.

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