How Dangerous Is Dmt?

How would one go about getting some DMT?

I have never came across someone who had DMT in their possesion. Where or how would you acquire some DMT.

The chances of you finding DMT on the streets is allmost 0, chances are they will give you some crack or meth.

DMT is fairly easy to extract urself (make it)

Its allmost as easy as baking a cake aslong as you follow the intructions 1 by 1.

And too the person above me, DMT only hurts those who are weak minded and unprepaired for the intense trip... Studies show that DMT itself has NO long term effects(however smoking anyhting cant exactly be good for you)

this guide will tell you how to make DMT step by step.

Is DMT what people expirence when there about to die and start having spiritual experiences? ?

I've heard many people talk about near death experiences in the hospital and the experience is very simular to the experiences of DMT, is DMT the likely cause?

Many people believe so, but it has not been researched enough to conclusively prove that dmt is produced in the pineal gland. but the experience is so utterly intense and enveloping that it can feel deeply religious and spiritual. DMT can produce feelings not unlike those of near death experiences as many people, SWIM included, experience a loss of the fear of death and visions of higher beings, these closely resemble reports of most NDEs.

Isopropyl Alcohol Trip?

So my friend and I were using some of his homemade DMT, but we were out of lighter fluid. So we took some isopropyl alcohol, which my frown said is in lights and burned it In a cup to light the bowl. He then started running around the house screaming? This is not normal for dmt, where you usually only lie back and hallucinate? He continued to run around the house for another Half hour and started to hump his dog until it but him. He chugged 2 beers and fell asleep? What coul have caused this? Help!

wow thats some interesting effect there for both isopropyl alcohol (which is rubbing alcohol by the way) and DMT. as you said when your on DMT your usually tripping to hard to use your mussels and isopropyl can have a anesthetic effect im surprised you guys didn't pass out.

did you take any? how did it effect you? i would ask your friend how he made his DMT and if its even DMT at all, maybe it was DXM? IDK well any way i hope you guys are ok :)

Can somebody explain what a DMT trip is like?

I'm studying psychopharmacology and the effects of different drugs on the brain. DMT is something that is becoming more popular where I live and was wondering what the trip is like when somebody uses it.

Most medical people do not do drugs. It is too dangerous in many ways. So, with the exception of the above Medical Student ( wonder if he will graduate?) few of us have any experience with "trips". Sorry. Our advice is pretty much standard. Don't mess with your brain !

what is Ayahuasca Vine? DMT?

it says i can order this vine online,, like 117 grams for 17 bucks,, Will i have a psychoactive trip experience by just smoking this vine? or is there a formula to be made with this vine before i can get to the other realm ? Thats why i'm asking the question buddy , You really don't know anything about me,, Try sticking to answering actual questions than giving me your 2 cents on what you think you know about someone pal. Fail answer

The vine does not contain DMT. B. Caapi vine or ayahuasca vine contains beta-carbolines, reversible MAOI's that inhibit your body's production of chemicals that break down DMT in the blood stream. The vine itself will give you an experience on the hightened levels of your own body's DMT and serotonin. The vine is usually mixed and boiled with other plants like P. Viridis that contain DMT so that they can be drunk together and work in conjunction to allow a visionary experience. The vine makes it possible for the DMT to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach. You must combine the two for the true ayahuasca experience. This is best done under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing.

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