How Cold Does It Have To Be To Cancel School In Ohio?

How much snow do you get before they cancel school in your area?

I was just curious as to how other states and countries handle snow storms. Do they cancel or delay school with only a few inches or does it take much more? I live in Ohio and they cancel school if theres only a couple inches. I want for my Canadian friends to answer this also. Thanks! Thanks everyone! Its strange how different states and countries handle snow. Interesting!

in Romania, they wouldn't cancel school even if it were 20 inches of snow. the only time these guys ever cancel school is if the school building is either freezing cold or if it is flooded (this applies to spring and massive rainfall).
however, some of the teachers actually skip class and stay home if they don't like the weather... looney bin type of teachers and I had the lot of them :)))

How cold or how much snow does southeast ohio get in the winter?

I'm going to be attending Ohio University, and I'm curious about the amount of snow the Athens, Ohio area gets in the winter. Additionally, how cold does it get and how often do they cancel school due to hazardous weather?

Go to and enter Athens, OH.
Scroll down and click on AVERAGES. You'll see monthly averages like 21-45 degrees during Dec/Jan/Feb.

It snows an inch or more maybe 10 times/year; and 3 to 5 times per year it might be bad enough to delay classes in the mornings.

Will my school be closed tomorrow? (details?)?

Well first of all I live in Wisconsin where it is always freezing during the winter. but today and tomorrow are the coldest days so far this winter. Today it was about 3 degrees Farenheit the whole day. but wind chills weren't that bad. Tomorrow the high is 7, but the wind chill is suppose to be -15 to -20 all morning. There is also a severe wind chill advisory for my county. Based on this, do you think they will cancel school? keep in mind, where i live it's always cold and it was freezing today but they didn't cancel it. Also today was martin luther king jr day and we still had school. -_- Thanks!(:

I live in wisconsin and they cancelled school, but I live in the north western part, on the border of superior wisconsin and Duluth MN. Around here they usually don't cancel school until the wind chill is supposed to get to -30, but for some reason they cancelled today and it's only -5 out. We're supposed to get a high of -1 and a low of -30. It sounds like your temperatures are right on the borderline of being too cold for school, if it stays that temperature tomorrow I think you'll have school. But if it gets just a little bit colder I think they'll cancel

will florida suspend my liscense if I cancel my sr22 insurance that ohio requires me to carry?

I am required to carry Sr22 insurance for the state of ohio to have my drivers liscense,I now live in florida and have a florida liscense and not an ohio liscense.If i let my Sr22 cancel will it effect my florida liscense in any way.I do not plan on getting my ohio liscense reinstated,because I live in florida.

If Florida has not specifically required you to carry SR22 insurance, then they should not cancel your license.

That being said, you had better be 100% sure that you did not sign something saying you were going to continue to carry it. It has been a while since I have been on, but I bet there is a page to see if you are required to carry SR22; it would be worth the visit.

Start here:

Clemson, U of Wisconsin Madison, or Ohio State Columbus?

Applying to all...I'm from Florida so I'm out of state and Ive never been to any of them (yet!) so what do you think I should pick if I get inot all of them? Physical Therapy is my program. thank you :)

U.of Wisconsin is a great school and Madison is a great place to spend four years. But you do need to consider the climate if you're coming from Florida. The winters are long, gray and brutal up there. Clemson will have mild winters and warm weather closer to what you're used to. Ohio State will have all four seasons with moderately cold winters. Ohio State is a great sports school, but it's one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) schools in the country, so it's easy to get lost there. Have you looked at the sports programs in-state -- FSU, UF, Miami?

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