Does Xbox 360 Work With Kinect?

Is it possible to skype from an xbox 360 Kinect?

I am wondering if it is possible to skype from an xbox 360 Kinect, and if so, how Exactly?

No, Not possible YET. Microsoft did buy Skype for $8.6 BILLION and they're planning to make it work with Xbox Live. So, pretty soon you will be able to skype with your mates through Kinect.

For Now,

To use Video Kinect, you need...
Kinect sensor or Xbox LIVE Vision Camera and headset
An Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
To set up Video Kinect
On your Xbox 360 console, sign in to Xbox LIVE (an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is required).
Go to My Community, and then select Video Kinect.
Choose to download Video Kinect.
Once downloaded, you can start Video Kinect from My Community or the Kinect Hub.

I want to buy an xbox?

So I'm starting a job working for my parents this week so that I can buy an Xbox 360 and Skyrim, but the only issue is that I don't know anything about the xbox. I know I'm an idiot. BUT I want to buy it and I'm going to work for it. But Basically what comes with an Xbox? Just the console and controller(s)? I'm really confused. I've been looking things up but I haven't found out much. Also, what else do you recommend I buy? And how much money should I save up?

Buy Xbox 360 250GB version with Kinect
Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle with Kinect $399
Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle without Kinect $299

It will come with Xbox 360 Slim Console with 250GB Hard Drive,Kinect Sensor,Kinect Adventures,Carnival Games,Xbox 360 Wireless Controller,3 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

How diffrent is the xbox 360 kinect from the elite?

i have an xbox 360 elite, my fiance's birthday is coming up and he has wanted the kinect for some time now..what does the kinect do and how is it better from the elite?

Okay, the console your talking about, the newest one, is called the Xbox 360 Slim, thechnically, but seeing as it's getting harder to get older "Phat" (pronounced: Fat) consoles, they call it Xbox 360 (Slim is a suffix, not added). Both Consoles can connect to Kinect, so relax, Kinect will work with all consoles. In that case, Xbox 360 is better than PS3, by far. As games made in 2005 with the Phat's release will work on the latest models, infact, even original Xbox games work on Xbox 360 (Phat and Slim) so Microsoft is allowing games up to 12 years old to be played on ANY console. The differences are that the new Slim will not overheat, not get E74 (errors that can only be fixed by microsoft) and that the graphics are better, and like gaming PCs, the Xbox 360 has better graphics and quicker loading times. You CAN DO EVERYTHING ON A PHAT XBOX 360 THAT YOU CAN DO ON A SLIM, BUT, YOU NEED A SPECIAL £15/$30 CABLE FOR KINECT FOR IT TO WORK ON AN OLD CONSOLE! Please click the Best Answer to the right! Thanks!

Xbox 360 kinect question?

How many cords come with a kinect.. i have one that only have one cord thats a usb with no other slots to add any other cord. But when i was reading online this guy was saying that to hook a kinect up to the older xboxes you need a power cord along with the usb. Do they make two differebt kinds of kinect? One for newer and one for older?

The Kinect is compatible with all Xbox 360's.
If the Kinect is bought on its own, then it comes with an adapter, so you are able to connect it to the old Xbox 360's as well as the new ones.
If the Kinect is bought WITH an Xbox Slim (Slim Kinect bundle), then it doesn't come with these adapters. Meaning you can only play the Kinect on other Xbox Slim consoles, (unless you buy the adapters).
Hope this helps :)

Can i still use game controller to play games on Xbox 360 kinect?

well, i am planning to buy a Xbox 360 kinect 250gb but i wanna know if i can still use game controller to play games on kinect?

Any game that says "Requires Kinect" on the case will not play with a controller. Any game which says "Better with Kinect" on the case uses controllers as the main way of playing but has some Kinect features such as voice commands or on Forza 4, you can hold your arms out and steer. If the game does not mention Kinect on the case it is not supported by Kinect and fully uses a controller.

Remember, Kinect is the motion tracking device, not the console. An Xbox 360 Kinect 250GB is simply an Xbox 360 250GB with a Kinect sensor bundled with it.

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