Does Xbox 360 Run 1080p?

How to tell if your xbox 360 can broadcast in 1080p?

I know that later models have the HDMI output, so if it has HDMI output does it automatically output in 1080p? Is there certain models of the xbox 360 that I should look for to make sure it does broadcast in 1080p? How would I know which model it is, if I am looking at an xbox 360 console?

ALL Xbox Games are not 1080p they are mostly Daveloped in 720p Your Xbox will simply upscale games to 1080p if you have a 1080p capable tv. Buy the Xbox 360 Elite they all have HDMI Outputs.
You then go into Xbox 360 settings and Choose the resolution of your HD TV (720p or 1080i) or 1080p
If you Wish to Avoid any NON HDMI Xbox 360s then make sure you dont buy a pre owned XBOX 360 Plus buying new gets you the 3 year microsoft Red ring of death warranty + Xbox 360s are pretty affordable brand new these days
The Elite now costs £200 ($328) Theres a Super Elite Console Available soon costing £250 ($410 Which Features Call of duty modern warfare 2 , 250gb Harddrive & 2 black wireless controllers
Hope ive helped

What output is Netflix on Xbox 360 slim?

I have an xBox 360 slim. What is the output resolution from the Netflix app on the Xbox? 720p? 1080p?

The Xbox 360 can support up to full native 1080p with Netflix streaming video. Whether you get that will depend a lot on your broadband bandwidth.

And, sorry "New York" but you're wrong on this one! The 360 does support native 1080p even for games. The problem is, virtually every game is produced at 720p so the 360 does upscale those if your setting is at 1080p. There are only a few 1080p native games out there... Virtua Tennis and FIFA Street 3 are the two I can remember.

This is one of the reasons the PS3 seems to have better graphics to some folks... they have about 25 games that are native 1080p, like Gran Turismo 5.

Can the xbox 360 component cable run 1080p?

I was wondering if the component AV cable that came with my xbox 360 can run 1080p. Thanks!

Yes. Despite what people say, component cables can display 1080p. People will tell you that you need HDMI to display 1080p, but they're wrong. My brother-in-law has a 1080p TV, and we could play Ninja Gaiden Sigma on 1080p using the component cables.

Can I get 1080p from my 360 with a VGA setup?

Ok, I have a Gateway fpd2185w monitor with a resolution of 1680x1050. I also have an Xbox 360 plugged into the monitor via component cables. Right now I can run games at 1080i (with some very minor scaling, I'm guessing, since my monitor's max is 1050). Recently I've heard (on message boards) that people are getting 1080p on their 1680x1050 monitors using the Xbox 360 VGA cable. Last time I checked, the Xbox 360 VGA cable only supported 720p. Did Microsoft update their VGA cables' compatibility with the Xbox 360? If I bought the VGA cable could I get 1080p on my monitor? P.S. Sorry for my terrible grammar in this message, but I tend to favor simplicity over fluidity.

yes, i was just at gamestop the other day and the dude was telling me how his friend has his xbox on a 1600x1??? and he said the graphics are amazing.

But answering your question, yeah you can get 1080i or 1080p.
I'm also thinking about doing this.

Which is better to play my Xbox 360 on 1080p or 1360 x 768?

Got a new widescreen HDTV and am curious which is better to play on with my Xbox 360, is 1080p better then 1360x768 or the other way around, or are they both around the same?

Most 360 games are natively 720p (1280x720), and scaled to anything beyond that so it won't look all that different, really. 1080p is the same as 1920x1080, so it is overall better than just 1360x768.

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