Does Xbox 360 Come With Wifi?

How to use the xbox 360 slims built in wifi?

I need help . my new xbox 360 slim is connected to our wifi but I want to know how to use the slims built in . this is confusing because my xbox gets disconnected from xbox live a lot but I thought the built in wifi gave you all around access to xbox LIVE ? please help :)

in order to use the wifi connection you would need a wireless router and you would have set the router up already

Can I put my xbox 360 slim outside and still be connected to wifi?

I wanted to put my xbox 360 slim outside for something, but I still want to be able to connect to me wifi, my router is one of those nice cisco linkis ones and it is in my basement. I want to put xbox in backyard.

It should work perfectly, as long as your wifi is strong enough to reach your xbox. It would be just like playing in your house except your not. Anyways it worked for me when i did it.

Can you use the XBOX 360 Wireless thing for controllers?

Can you use the xbox 360 live wifi adapter to connect 360 controllers to pc's?

No, because the 360 controllers don't use wifi to connect. There is however a dongle you can buy that connects a wireless 360 controller to a pc. It is called "Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows." Google that. Amazon has if for 17 bucks.

how do you put an xbox 360 elite wifi card in a refurbished xbox 360?

i have a broken xbox 360 elite, but most of its intact. is it possible to put it into the refurbished xbox 360 so I can get wifi?

The Elite doesn't have a WiFi card; it uses an external USB WiFi adapter. That USB adapter can be used on any model of 360 except for the Slim models.

How do I go about connecting my xbox 360 without buying a wifi usb adapter?

My router is located at point A roughly 15 feet from the wall of which on the other side resides my tv/xbox 360 setup. How do I go about using my router's wifi to another wifi device to direct connect via ethernet cat5? Can't I just buy another router and use my FIOS router's wifi to have internet connectivity to my XBOX 360?

The only possible way is to by a long enough ethernet cable. I have a purple one that stretches from my 2nd floor down to another floor at the near opposite end. It didn't cost too much either.

I know places like PC World will definitely have them for sale, so you could try there.


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