Does Weed Make You Lose Weight?

Can you lose weight by smoking weed and not eating afterwards?

I'm just curious because I have seen a lot of debates saying that weed helps you lose weight, and others say it makes you gain weight, but I want to know if you can prevent yourself from eating after getting high, and if so will you lose weight afterwards?

No because your body will put itself on starvation mode and the fat will be even more stubborn to go. Besides, that's not even healthy, so why would you do that to yourself? The whole point is getting a healthy body. A healthy diet, lots of water, and intense exercise is what helps you lose weight. There are no shortcuts.

Can smoking weed really help you lose weight?

I know it makes you hungry and you get "the munchies", but i've heard that weed can actually help you lose weight. Is that true in ANY aspect?

Yes its true esp. if you have some alcohol with a joint. Sometimes you can't be bothered to eat thus your body burns fat up equals weight loss. Do try and eat now and then .

Is it true that when you smoke weed you lose a lot of weight?

I'm fourteen, I am NOT going to smoke weed to lose weight. Just wondering. Girls in my English class were telling me about it. We live in this really small southern town, and they basically said that just rolling anything up, lighting it and smoking it would make you lose weight super fast.

No. In fact, this particular drug causes you to feel hungry and so you eat more.

I think this myth comes from cigarettes. People who stop smoking cigarettes typically gain weight. However, people who start smoking don't lose weight. People gain weight when they quit because they use food to substitute the cravings they feel for the tobacco. When you are first starting to smoke, you aren't addicted at that point and thus aren't quelling cravings.

The girls in your class are probably smoking it. They know that it is bad. Somehow it seems less bad if everyone is doing it, so they try to convince others to join in on their bad behavior so that they won't feel so bad for doing it themselves. Don't follow these losers - they will go nowhere in life.


Im 13 And I Want To Lose Weight Fast!!!! Before School Starts...... Any Ideas???

Losing weight fast is never a good idea. A healthy weight lost is about 1 to 2 pounds a week. If you want to lose weight safely, make sure you are eating healthy. Drink plenty of water. Go to bed at a good time, and sleep for eight hours. Run at least twice a week, for as long as you can go. Cut out junk food, and spend less time sitting down. Before long, you'll start to lose weight. Word of advice, if you lose that weight too fast, extreme weight lose, you could damage your colon, heart, and other important organs. But if you follow what I said, you'll get thinner.

Cough drops make you lose weight? 10 POINTS?

There's this one page of tips and tricks on how to lose weigth and it says: Devour anything that helps you lose weight, for example, cough drops, hoodia or fiber. ans so i was wondering do cough drops make you lose weight? THANKS 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER

Cough drops themselves don't necessarily make you lose weight. If you suck on cough drops all day in between meals, then no, you certainly will not lose weight.

I don't know where you got your information from, but I can tell you that you probably just misinterpreted what it meant. It's probably saying that, when you're hungry, you can suck on cough drops instead of eating. Obviously, if you go this route, it'll help you lose weight--you're consuming a 15 calorie cough drop rather than a 500 calorie meal. Basically, cough drops can help you lose weight if you use them to suck on when you're hungry, so that you don't eat.

They actually are packed with sugar and some other unnecessary additives, but... they're as big as a penny. You won't gain weight if you "devour" cough drops. The only way it'll help you LOSE weight, however, is if you use the cough drops as a replacement for food. Of course, you'll still be hungry, but you will at least have something (the cough drops!) in your mouth, and it's much easier to go without food if you do this.

Hopefully this cleared things up for you! :)


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