Does The Xbox 360 Slim Have Bluetooth?

Does the Xbox 360 Slim support Bluetooth Enabled wireless speakers?

I am planning on using my HD laptop as a HD monitor for my Xbox 360 Slim, and I wanted to know if I will be able to pair a Bluetooth Enabled Speaker to the Xbox for the audio output. The speaker I want to use: Also, if there is a better speaker for this task at a reasonable price please let me know and provide a link and information. THANKS!

of course not,the 360 doesn't have bluetooth

Can you play xbox 360 games in a xbox 360 slim?

I heard that the xbox 360 slim has a low chance to get the ring of death and im really scared to get it. So can you play xbox 360 games in a xbox 360 slim? Are they the same?

As the other have said, they are the same console. The Slim has just had some improvements made to it, that's all (sleeker design, built in wireless, a much quieter fan, some of the issues that caused the RROD in the older 360s addressed, etc)

Can you play minecraft on the xbox 360 slim?

I don't have an xbox but I'm planning on getting one. The main reason: Minecraft. So can you play minecraft on the xbox 360 slim? I don't see why not but things can be stupid like that. I was just wondering if you could so I can play. But I've never played Minecraft but I've seen people play it and it looks awesome. So can I play it on xbox 360 slim?

Alright let me explain it to you :)

Xbox (orignal 2001 black one)

Xbox 360 (the normal white one we've all seen)

Xbox 360 (s) or Slim (the slicker new ones that have limited edition consoles and come with kinect)

The xbox 360 phat or the older model of the xbox plays everything. The old games and the new one.
The new one, the slim does the same, they made it so it runs better and has a better hard drive system.

As far as minecraft goes, yes, it runs on any xbox 360 game. Any game that says xbox 360 will run on any kind of xbox 360. The only thing with minecraft is that they don't see a disk, the sell it on the xbox it's self as a download so you'll have to buy Microsoft points.

I know it's a but confusing so i thought i'd clear it up :)

Does the Xbox 360 support BlueTooth headsets?

My cousin has a PlayStation 3 and it supports the BlueTooth headset that I have. Is it possible for the Xbox 360 to do this?

Nope 360 doesn't have that kind of technology, silly. I use the same bluetooth set for my phone as I do my PS3 its sweet. The PS3 controllers are bluetooth allso.

360 has wireless headsets though. They aren't bluetooth however.

How long before I can buy an used xbox 360 slim? (best estimate?)?

I don't have a xbox 360, and I like the slim version better. However, with my budget, buying a brand new xbox slim is out of the question. Xbox 360 slim was just released, so I know there won't be any opportunities to buy it used anytime soon. In your experience, how long did it take before used game consoles start to appear on the market?

It's gonna be a while the Xbox 360 slim is only $299 but if you're waiting for a used one, it's gonna be about 3 to 4 months.

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