Does The Verizon Iphone 4 Have A Sim Card Slot?

Does Verizon iPhone 4s have a sim card tray?

My friend just bought an iPhone 4s. He says it's for verizon but it has a sim card tray slot. I have iPhone 4 for verizon but mine doesnt have a sim card tray. So does my friend really have a Verizon iPhone 4s with a sim card tray on the side? I am talkin about Verizon. Can you add a sim in the verizon iPhone 4s?

Yes it has a simcard slot. The iPhone 4S supports both GSM and CDMA networks, and has a micro-SIM card slot no matter which carrier (Verizon or AT&T) you subscribe to.

Can you change carriers for an iphone 4s from verizon?

Hi.! I have an iphone 4s which. I got from a friend, it does not have that little whole on the side ...which i consider thats for sim card slot.its version 6.1.3(10B329) Modem firmware 3.0.04 I would like to change it to tmobile or walmart. Family mobile plans.....PLEASE HELP. !!!! THANK YOU!!!

Lets just say that it should. Verizon iPhone 4s use CDMA but they do have a SIM card slot for GSM sim cards. Verizon will even unlock your iPhone 4s for you. What they don't tell you is that it is only unlocked for international use. The only way to use T-Mobile on a Verizon iPhone 4s is to jailbreak it and use a SIM card imposer like Gevey Ultra, R-SIM or GPP

Why do some Verizon iPhones have sim card slots?

So why is it that some verizon iphones have sim card slots and some dont? I'm talking about the visible one externally on the side of the iphone. I have seen some Verizon 4S with no sim card slot & some with a sim card slot. Why is that? Are the ones with the slot jailbroken AT&T iphones?

The Verizon iPhone 4S as well as the Sprint iPhone 4S both have sim slots. All of them. That's for international use and roaming. Still can't use them on AT&T because its still a CDMA phone. You must be seeing iPhone 4s (not the 4S, the iPhone 4). They don't have SLIM trays whatsoever unless they're for AT&T. Places like Verizon will sometimes put an iPhone 4 on a 4S stand if they run out. Walmart does the same thing with iPads. I still see first generation iPads on the Walmart stands that say the New iPad (which is the iPad 4).

Why the iphone of verizon doesnt have sim card?

Can it be still activated sum where like t-mobile if u jailbreak + unlock.. Wat happens if sum1 steals an iphone 4 can they still use it like an ipod even if reported stolen but jailbroken and unlocked & is with verizon without a sim card slot??

The verizon iPhone 4 has no sim slot, the clients' number and infos are wrote in to the phone's internal chips. if the iphone 4 has apps like 'find my phone' or something, it could be tracked by the gps.

Will a Verizon iPhone 4 work on Straight Talk?

My Verizon iPhone 4 has a sim card slot. so if i purchase a straight talk sim card and put it in the iphone 4, will it work? can i use the $45 or $30 plan? and can i call and text on the iphone with no problem? HELP!

There literally isn't a sim card slot in the Verizon iphone 4's. So it would be impossible for you to do so. But if you want to activate a iphone on your verizon number just go online or call customer service. If your name is on the account then they can add it with no problem and get it activated.

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