Does The Tiger Die In The Life Of Pi?

What happens to the tiger at the end of Life of Pi?

Hey! I wanted to know what happened to the tiger at the end of life of pi? did he die or what?

When the boat finally made it to shore, and Pi was rescued, before anyone found them the tiger ran away into the jungle of South America. He is never heard from again.

Does the tiger die in Life Of Pi?

I wanted to read the book,but i am worried that the tiger dies,and if so i wont read it.

No the tiger doesn't die. But why is that a reason to read or not read the book? It is a must read.

Which tiger balm is better?

They are inexpensive treatments for stuffy nose, headaches, itchinessinsect bites, muscular aches, pains, sprains, and flatulence. I'm trying to use this t o treat my itchiness skin, and muscle that I feel pain in my left shoulder. Which one should I get? tiger balm white, tiger balm red, or tiger balm soft? Thanks

According to the Tiger Balm website, red tiger balm "helps breathe new life into aching muscles". White tiger balm "can also ease tension headaches". So in your case go for the red tiger balm. You could alternatively use tiger balm soft. It seems to be a mix of the two but in a softer format. But perhaps tiger balm red might be more effective since it is specifically for sore muscles.

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Where can u find a tiger?

Like i love tigerz but i dont kno where to find them at

What kind of Tiger do you mean? I've had a couple different breeds that are of the first name tiger. I've had a pack of Tiger barbs, and I've got a Datnoid tiger barb as well. Sometimes that is called a Datnoid, sometimes that's called a 6 bar, but when you say Tiger, there could be many possibilities by that name.


What's the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods?

Santa's Fat Tiger's a golf player Santa's a winter Tiger's a summer Santa has real reindeer's. Tiger has a golf course Santa starts with a S Tiger with a T Tiger can't eat all the cookies Santa's a giver. Tiger gets coal Santa gets Milk and Cookies What else is there?

Santa only has three HO's

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