Does The Sun Create Dust?

Does tap water in a humidifier create dust?

I run my humidifier all winter long, and I have noticed I have a ridiculous amount of dust! Could using tap water in my humidifier cause dust? Should I use distilled water to prevent this? I do not have central air, live in an apartment, and keep doors and windows closed.

No it does not create dust but it does cause dust in the air to fall and settle wher it may have just remained in the air before. If you have excedingly hard water you may get a slight bit of calcium dust from that if you water is really that hard you need a water purifier.

Why does washing sheets in hot water get rid of dust mites?

Im doing a science fair project to see which method of washing gets rid of dust mites the best. The methods are: Sun only, Hot wash and sun dry, Hot wash and dryer, Cold wash and sun dry, Cold wash and dryer. My result was that the hot wash and sun dry got rid of them the best. But I dont know why. I hve until tommorrow to finish my project. HELP HELP!!!

I guess cause dust mites like to chill.
Allergens usually die off at 130-140f, so your hot washer probably killed them. The sun probably isn't good for them either as you usually don't see dust in sunny places

how was the sun ignited, this is my personal big bag theory btw?

The sun ignited because a cloud of dust managed to become big enough to have its own gravity. This gravity attracted more dust, until the cloud of dust managed to generate enough pressure and heat to ignite thermonucleur fusion. The resulting energy ionised the dust cloud(Of hydrogen) into plasma, turning the cloud of dust... into the sun!

Please understand fundamental(and frankly incredibly simple) Physics before you make the suggestion that god put a lighter to a big piece of paper to make the sun...

Edit: Sorry! Thought you were going to post some ridiclous and reatded own, misleaded, ill-informed explatnations(Esspecially due to the goofy title :P). Anyway, disregard that last paragraph, but i'm keeping it incase you say something stupid :P, like the last "How did the ___ form, i have my own theory" post.

Why do the clouds appear red at sunset?

It's because of the dust and pollurion in the air. If you can imagine being on a disk, the sun coming at you from above you has very little atmosphere to go through. But when the sun is going down it has a much longer bit of atmosphere to go through. That much atmosphere has all this dust and pollution the sun's rays have to go through, bending the light in the red wavelength..

What was the primary role of dust in the formation of the solar system?

A) The Sun formed from a vast spinning cloud consisting only of dust. B) Dust veiled the process by which our solar system formed. C) Dust provided the radioactive elements that initially heated the Sun. D) Dust formed the rings around Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter. E) Dust acted as condensation nuclei; platforms to which other particles could attach and form larger particles of matter. Thanks

E) Dust acted as condensation nuclei; platforms to which other particles could attach and form larger particles of matter.

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